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French Fashion Sport - Lacoste presents collection with new silhouettes

Created by Pelagia Kolotouros, the unique looks bring French sophistication from the brand's sports heritage.

Photos courtesy LACOSTE

Lacoste has just launched its newest collection. Balancing fashion and sport for 90 years, the new addition adds a touch of Frenchness to the equation, revealing a completely new look.

The entire drop is already available in stores and on the brand's e-commerce.Crafted by Pelagia Kolotouros, the creative director of the label, it comes with an elegant aesthetic that continues to celebrate Lacoste's legendary savoir-faire.

Inspired by René Lacoste, the silhouettes feature iconic pieces that blend heritage with contemporary essentials. Thus, this evolution marks a turning point: the crocodile brand's style continues to be sporty fashion but moves towards even more French sophistication.

The concept stems from French Fashion Sport, with Lacoste as a pioneer in this fusion, through pieces that combine grace and sophistication with performance and comfort, bringing its characteristic effortless chic. Flexible fabrics, V-necklines, and layering are some of the attributes that punctuate the entire release.

The products focus on a color palette articulated around the brand's highly recognizable codes. Used monochromatically or mixed, soft or vibrant colors soften or enliven the Lacoste wardrobe. V-neck sweaters, polo shirts, sweatshirts, and varsity jackets, essential items developed over the past 90 years and redesigned for today, are combined with new styles.

The drop space dedicated to men is part sporty with joggers, part timeless with trench coats and striped polo shirts. Layering is key in creating this French Fashion Sport silhouette. The same goes for women: a cotton piqué bodysuit is embroidered with the famous crocodile and worn with a classic sporty jacket. A navy blue collegiate jacket with a large embroidered L on the chest is paired with a 70s-inspired skirt. These symbols of the brand's savoir-faire are a testament to the meticulous work involved in choosing materials and cuts.

Finally, accessories in the line include a mini-golf bag, inspired by Catherine Lacoste's archives (daughter of René Lacoste and golf champion), and a unisex belt. Additionally, a scarf with a print designed by Robert George (René Lacoste's best friend) mixed with modern sunglasses completes a contemporary silhouette while embracing the maison's heritage.


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