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From Rural Roots to Global Fame: The Phenomenon of Menina Veneno (Venom Girl)


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Our highlight for the 'STARS' edition was once again handpicked by the international team at Hooks. This time, we've brought as our focus an influencer who has been making waves in Brazil. Today, you will get to know Ana Luiza, better known as Menina Veneno.

Her journey from the quiet interior of Brazil to the dazzling world of social media stardom is nothing short of extraordinary. In this exclusive article, Hooks Magazine delves into the life and career of the enigmatic influencer who has captured the hearts of millions of followers.

Born and raised in São João do Oriente, a picturesque town in the heart of Minas Gerais (Brazil), Ana Luiza carved a path to fame that was far from conventional. With a modest following of just 2,000 followers, she began her online journey, sharing snippets of her life infused with the charming accent of her hometown. Little did she know that her authentic persona and contagious humor would soon propel her to social media stardom, amassing an impressive 2.4 million followers in just one year.

The moniker "Menina Veneno" is not just a catchy name—it's a blend of sweetness and boldness embodied by Ana Luiza. Coined by her mother and inspired by a beloved Brazilian song, it perfectly encapsulates her persona: the innocence of a country girl intertwined with the allure of a captivating personality. By embracing this identity, Ana Luiza transformed into Menina Veneno, captivating audiences with her spirited charm and magnetic presence.

While Ana Luiza initially pursued a career in agronomy, her foray into the world of fashion in Belo Horizonte paved the way for her entry into the fashion scene. Her breakthrough moment came when she walked the runways of São Paulo Fashion Week in 2023, marking a significant milestone in her burgeoning career. Since then, she has become a sought-after collaborator for renowned brands, including Guaraná Antarctica, Ipiranga, and Spotify, leveraging her influence to redefine fashion in the digital age.

As Ana Luiza reflects on her meteoric rise to fame, she remains steadfast in her commitment to authenticity and innovation. With plans to launch her own fashion line and explore opportunities in entrepreneurship and acting, she is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world.

We conducted an exclusive interview with Menina Veneno, check it out now:

1. How was the transition from the quiet life in São João do Oriente to fame on social media?

"It was super smooth. I've always been preparing myself because I've always dreamed of this moment. So, I already knew I had to step out of my comfort zone. Sometimes, that's what it takes: to chase after what we really want, we need to step out of our comfort zone, reach new heights, and experience new moments, right? Moments that aren't really part of our routine."

2. How did the idea of adopting the nickname "Menina Veneno" come about and how has it influenced your online identity?

"So, 'Menina Veneno' came from my mother. She was the one who gave me this nickname because she kind of already understood that I was going in that direction and wanted me to have a stage name. So, we adopted this name. We both loved this song, my mother loved this song, and I think that the intertwining of the girl, who is from the countryside, with the venom, which is my more artistic and model side, fits very well. These are two identities that came together very strongly. If you stop to analyze, it really makes sense for 'Menina Veneno' to be intertwined with my current identity, which is what I bring to the public today, both in fashion and in my more humble side and pure essence of the countryside."

3. How does your previous experience as a model influence your style and content related to fashion on social media?

"I think fashion is very much an expression of what we're feeling. Today, I live wild moments, strong moments, and I like to bring a lot of that experience into my current style. Nowadays, that's what I live: very deep and meaningful moments. Every day that passes, I fulfill dreams, and all of that is intertwined. This helps me a lot to show people the strength and determination we can have, even coming from below, even achieving slowly. We will conquer. We can reach many places by dressing well, caring, conversing, and having our own essence. Essence is fundamental in fashion because if you have your own essence, you can develop not only in your clothes but also in your content and in everything you set out to do."

4. You walked the runway at SPFW and collaborated with major brands. How do you see the role of fashion in your career as an influencer and what are your future plans in this field?

"I'm already working on a project to have my own brand. I haven't developed the product yet, but we're talking to define the details. I really like this part of entrepreneurship, it's very enjoyable, it's a fantastic world, the business world. I'll still be there because it's a field I admire a lot. And that's it, a brand is coming, Menina Veneno. We'll be able to impact in a very natural way, just like my content, as it has always been. We'll be able to bring a new line of personalized and very unique clothing so that people feel unique and beautiful, just like I do."

5. What are your future projects as an influencer?

"So, since I already work with fashion, I feel like I'll continue in these two fields. But I also really want to act; acting is a big dream. I think that will happen soon, God willing. I also intend to enter the business field, invest in some careers, and bet on this brand field. Anyway, I have many dreams and many projects ahead."

6. You have collaborated with several renowned brands. Is there any collaboration or project that was especially significant for you?

"Without a doubt, the magazine was a dream very much of my mother's. My mother used to say that when I was appearing in a magazine, on a magazine cover, that would be of great importance, right? Nowadays, it's not just anyone who comes out like that, right? Not to belittle, but it's not just anyone who appears on a magazine cover. So, it's been a very significant experience for me. I was very moved because it brings a lot of what I lived with my mother. She used to tell me how much she believed in me regarding everything that's happening today, and the magazine is one of those things. She always knew this would happen, and to witness all of this, to witness all the dreams that were my mother's now coming true for me, is very significant, very important. I have a lot of affection for this moment I'm experiencing now."


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