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Get to know and be enchanted by Beatriz Rodrigues. Challenges and overcoming are part of her life


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Beatriz Alves Rodrigues Freitas, the fashion model, is the winner of Miss Elegant Universe 2023. She is also an entrepreneur and owns 'O Bronze Moema,' the first HD tanning salon in Brazil. The beauty hails from Fortaleza-CE and is affectionately called Bia. She currently resides in Dubai.

Due to her participation in Miss Elegant Universe, she reveals that her greatest lesson was that even with increased exposure in her personal and professional life, she didn't lose her essence and values. She knew how to handle societal pressures.

Bia acknowledges that empowerment has been/is very important in her life. Through self-confidence, she has been able to overcome various challenges in her journey. With great humility, she knows she can challenge herself and continue to surpass her limits.

It is already evident that Bia is a courageous, charismatic, authentic, and empowered woman. Over time, she has learned to assert herself and ignore unnecessary expectations.

Having achieved great success in her career, she has already accomplished many dreams through her perseverance, focus, and discipline. Her plans for the future are becoming closer to reality, which brings her great joy.

In an exclusive conversation with HOOKS, she shares more about her personality and her participation in Miss Elegant Universe 2023. Enjoy reading!

01 - Beatriz, you are a woman who inspires several followers. How do you feel knowing about your relevance?

"I feel extremely grateful and fulfilled knowing that people are inspired by me, in the way I dress, behave, and especially in my way of thinking and acting! It makes me realize that I am on the right path and encourages me to continue being increasingly authentic."

02 - What were the biggest challenges in participating in Miss Elegant Universe 2023?

"First, accepting to participate in the competition, as I used to have a more private lifestyle, and I knew that the competition would bring me enormous exposure. And I wasn't sure if I was prepared to deal with everything that would come through it, meaning the consequences. But I realized that I can indeed handle new and challenging things without losing my essence and values! And it was incredible! It made me feel really good, it was an enriching experience! It was a challenge that added many good things to my life, and I have no regrets."

03 - Could you describe the feeling/emotion when hearing your name as the winner of the competition?

"A feeling of overcoming and gratitude! I saw that I can push myself further in everything I dedicate myself to, no matter what it is. I'm unstoppable, I'm invincible! Because when I decide to do something, it's to be the best!"

04 - Could you reveal to us your plans/projects/ambitions that you still want to develop/achieve in the future?

"I have many plans, and they are increasingly bigger and more ambitious. But for now, all I can say is that my plans are incredible, and you will be surprised. However, at the right time, I will share more details."

05 - As someone who is actively involved in the fashion industry, how does Beatriz deal with societal pressures?

"I always try to resolve things in the best possible way, but when it's not possible, I simply remove what is not pleasing or adding value to my life! I don't give space to negative/pessimistic people, I don't want that type of person in my circle."

06 - You are a very authentic woman in your life! What are your biggest inspirations in your career?

"I don't have specific inspirations. What inspires me is human intelligence, the ability to constantly reinvent oneself. And for me, gratitude is the key that opens all doors!"

07 - Beatriz, on your Instagram, you share many moments. Your lifestyle is admired by your followers. Have you always had this light and optimistic approach to life?

"Yes, always! We only live once, so we have to make the most of life in the best way possible! And the best way is to be optimistic and light-hearted because that's when everything flows!"

08 - Last question, but not least: if you could display a message on a billboard, what would it be?

"Believe in yourself! Self-confidence is undoubtedly a key to success! Show not only to others but primarily to yourself what you are capable of! Challenge yourself!"


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