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Her comfort zone is not where she belongs. Get to know and be enchanted by Eduarda Domingues


Hooks Team

Eduarda Domingues is a model who is gaining more and more recognition every day. The young woman is also an investor and will soon become a biomedical professional. Originally from Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, she currently resides in Portugal and is affectionately called Duda.

She is an example of persistence and courage. She is a woman dedicated to everything she sets out to do. Through her experiences, she has learned to assert herself and ignore unnecessary demands in her life. Today, she is much more self-confident and proud of it.

She acknowledges that it takes a lot of willpower to achieve her dreams and goals, and she takes pride in not settling for her comfort zone. Duda was not afraid of change; she didn't hold onto places or people. She went after her dreams with courage, determination, and faith.

Duda is extremely grateful to the women who contributed to shaping her into an empowered and dedicated adult. She makes sure to mention the important women who influenced her personality and character: her grandmother Cleia Maria Bohns Silva, her mother Mirian Bohns Silva, and her aunt Claudia Bohns Silva. She states that these women were true examples of strength and love. It is evident that she had inspiring role models.

Check out the interview she gave to Hooks Magazine, discussing a bit about her life and future plans. Enjoy reading!

1 - Eduarda, to get to know you better, how would you define yourself in a few words?

"I will choose three words that define me well: I am ambitious, determined, and very loyal."

2 - You are a woman who inspires many followers. How do you feel knowing about your relevance?

"I feel very grateful to inspire other women. I love receiving messages from people in my hometown who are amazed and motivated to step out of their comfort zone when they see my perspective on life. I also know that it is a great responsibility to be a role model for so many people, and that motivates me as well. I strive to be a better person every day."

3 - In Brazil, you were studying biomedical science, right? Do you plan to finish that degree? Do your future plans involve returning to your studies?

"That's right. I do plan to finish my biomedical science degree, but now in Europe. I hope to resume my studies in this field next year. I have identified a lot with this niche and I hope to complete it successfully."

4 - Eduarda, you are increasingly standing out in the modeling career. How did your interest in this fashion niche arise? How long have you been dedicated to this profession?

"I have always had a great passion for fashion. I loved reading magazines that focused on fashion and watching TV programs that interviewed models, as well as enjoying watching fashion shows. I have always been very observant, detail-oriented, and these characteristics have been crucial in my journey. I have always enjoyed being in front of and behind the camera. When I was younger, I did some modeling jobs and even started a course in this field, but I gave up. At the time, I thought that only those who were really tall and very thin could be successful. During adolescence, I had many doubts and fears. Today, I want to explore more of the fashion world, and I know that I have the competence to do so."

5 - Could you tell us about some plans, projects, and ambitions you aspire to?

"Of course. I have future plans to open my own aesthetics clinic and develop my own professional skincare and haircare products. I'm putting a lot of effort into making this expectation become a beautiful reality. I see myself in a few years living in a new country, with my family close by, my businesses thriving, and enjoying a peaceful life."

6 - It is evident that you are a very self-care-oriented woman. Do you have any complementary activities or hobbies? Which ones? Do you consider them to impact your life in any way?

"I love taking care of myself, and I'm really enjoying this phase. I take care of my body, my thoughts, my nutrition, my skin—basically, anything that makes me a better person has my attention. Today, without a doubt, I am more attentive to areas that I didn't care about as much before."

7 - Have you always had this optimistic mindset and way of living? What tips would you give to those seeking a more carefree lifestyle?

"No, I haven't always had this mindset. I always dreamed of living part of what I'm living today, but I never imagined that I would actually achieve it. I didn't have an easy childhood, but I had a lot of love, and from a young age, I always pursued my dreams. I worked for five years in a company, starting at a young age of 16, and I recognize that it taught me a lot, especially about wanting to grow. Moving to a different state took courage. I completely stepped out of my comfort zone because I wasn't as close to the people I love. I left Rio Grande do Sul and moved to Santa Catarina, then later to São Paulo, and now I live in Portugal. Today, I can confidently tell people that they shouldn't let fear dominate their desires. We shouldn't be afraid to leave any uncomfortable situation. The world is vast, and there are many opportunities for those who are brave and determined. To achieve goals, we should always have targets and plans and never give up. After all, no beginning is easy."

8 - Last question, but not least: If you could display a message on a billboard, what would it say?

"The impossible is just a matter of opinion. Protect yourself and follow your dreams."


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