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“I need to lift my nose”, says the Brazilian after going to events with members of the British royal

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Imagining yourself in a luxurious event of select British high society, some of which even count with the presence of members of the royal family, may seem something very distant for any woman who does not have a title behind her surname. But for Brazilian Mirian Carter, 38, no. Natural da Bahia, the digital influencer married an Englishman and moved permanently to the country of the monarchy.

From the “sim”, Mirian knew that her life would turn upside down, but despite the infinitely better quality of life in a first world country, she was always attentive to the challenges that faced her. “If he asked me to marry, I have to understand the reality of him. I had a moment of my life that I began to live within English society. I am very preconceived”, says Mirian, who decided to care and face the rejection head on.

I was starting to say that I decided that I needed to turn my nose up myself. I had to change my position so as not to be run over. So preconceived for being Brazilian, because of the fame that Brazilians have of destroying marriages. But I managed to excel by my skin, by my natural elegance, because people have an elegance that they see from within, which does not mean expensive clothes or bags. “Minha mãe never taught me to behave, she taught us to be honest”, she tells an influencer.

Among the events that she attends, Mirian Carter frequents the remarkable Royal Ascot, famous for the hat parade. “What makes Royal Ascot special is the pageantry and its rich traditions, with visitors wearing their best suits, dresses and, of course, chapels. The Ascot Racecourse was founded over 300 years ago by Rainha Anne, a great horse racing family. Since then, he received or patronized eleven other monarchs. The summer racing received the royal title in 1911 and became one of the two most anticipated sporting events of the year, combining elegant clothing with heritage, bravery and tradition”, she explains.

An influencer highlights the importance of this event on the English calendar. “The Royal Ascot is the apex of the British horse racing calendar and the most valuable in the country, with thousands of pounds in prizes. Each day of the racing is traditionally started when His Royal Highness and other members of the Royal Family ride along the track in the traps pulled by horses. This Royal Process originated or began in 1825, when King George IV drove four other carriages with members of the Royal Family for part of the course”.

The Brazilian also hosts the 5 Hertford Street Club, the only private club that Prince William frequents to socialize with friends.

“William was in this club celebrating the anniversary of a friend, whilst she was with her daughter, who was now 18 years of age. It was in 2019. These clubs are not allowed internal photos. Only members have permission for entry and it is normal to spend a minimum of two years on the waiting list. 5 Hertford Street is the most exclusive and difficult to enter.

To gain access to the clubs of British high society as a member you will need two letters of recommendation. “It was necessary to have this recommendation from someone who was already a member. Those people wrote a letter saying that they met me, telling a little about my personal pleasures, about my family, among other things. Some clubs would be able to accept these recommendations and others would not”, says Mirian, who says that before the marriage, her husband was not used to frequenting these places.

“At that time my husband has never been in English society. He was always more reserved and, despite never having been free from all that glamor of high society, I was always curious and wanted to understand that world. It was there that I started looking for information on how to start frequenting these clubs. I already met a personal dese meio, who appreciated me very much dear, and made some friends who ended up recommending me ”, she completes.


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