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João Felipe: Extraordinary Journey in the 'Super Model' Edition of Hooks Magazine

Photographer: @eusebiomendonca

Design Director Hooks: @mathlopes

With great enthusiasm, we unveil the cover of our highly anticipated 'Super Model' edition. João Felipe, an extraordinary figure transcending borders and conquering various stages, is the main highlight of this special edition.

João, known for his multifaceted journey, began his career as a medical student in Argentina and evolved into a prominent path in communication and television. With experiences on television channels like Band, TV Azteca in Mexico, and ventures in Los Angeles, João emerged as an influential personality.

In addition to his television achievements, João also made his mark in the fashion industry, participating in iconic campaigns for renowned brands such as Truss Hair and Polo Play.

The 'Super Model' edition delves into the behind-the-scenes of João Felipe life and style, providing an exclusive insight into his journey and influence in the fashion and entertainment industries.

We invite everyone to be inspired by the unique story and style of João. Discover the exclusive interview now.

1 - How has your experience as a model in campaigns for brands like Truss Hair and Polo Play influenced your perspective in the fashion industry?

It has changed my perspective quite a bit, although I haven't participated in many campaigns. I feel that these two, in particular, altered my vision. In Trusshair, I had to "act" in scenes in the bathroom, running on the street, sleeping, changing clothes, and going to parties. In Poloplay, it was a more authentic job. From there, I noticed the constant connection between fashion and television.

2 - Throughout your career, you have gone through various areas, from medicine to social communication. How have these varied experiences influenced your personal style and your relationship with fashion?

People always ask me this, but I confess that changing careers did not alter my style. What really changed was my age, hahaha. Over time, I became more basic and sought comfortable clothes. My uniform is a basic white t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, sunglasses, and maybe a cap. Despite that, I have tried to take more risks, also because of my work. I am the one who dictates my fashion.

3 - During your stay in Mexico and auditions for Fox Sport in Los Angeles, how did you perceive the cultural differences in fashion and lifestyle compared to your country, Brazil?

In Mexico, they have a very marked style printed on clothing. Being on the border with the United States, they receive a lot of American influence but adapt it to native style and Mexican characteristics. In Mexico City, the lifestyle is similar to São Paulo, but I noticed that people are more "tranquil" in relation to fashion. I feel that in Brazil, many people dress to impress others, while in Mexico, this doesn't happen as much.

4 - You mentioned taking acting and presentation courses. How do these skills contribute to your presence in fashion, especially when participating in advertising campaigns?

These courses are essential for the modeling part, as in some campaigns, we need to incorporate characters. Also, they help to feel more relaxed and comfortable in photos. I learned, especially in acting, aspects such as stretching, breathing, and movement with the excellent teacher Yana Sardenberg. It was a turning point.

5 - In your professional journey, from Band to TV Azteca and Globo, how do you perceive the influence of fashion on television presentation and the construction of the presenter's image?

The influence is significant. It depends on the genre and format of the TV show to choose the clothing part, but we always have the freedom to put our DNA in the choice. On TV, we influence not only with content but also with our style. Pieces or accessories worn by TV personalities often become trends on the streets.

6 - With your renewed focus on international projects in 2024, how do you plan to integrate fashion into your activities as a presenter, considering the cultural diversity you have encountered throughout your career?

To be honest, I have never been so connected to fashion, but I recognize its importance in everything we do. Nowadays, there is a strong connection between fashion and television. High-fashion events worldwide and national brands have great visibility. I have lived in other countries and noticed that they highly valued national brands. Although this is growing in my country, Brazil, I still consider it shy compared to what it should be. Whether working in my country or not, I would like to get more involved with national fashion if there is an opportunity.


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