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Kezzia - The Journey of Elegance Behind the Scenes of Fashion


Photos: @enrique_penha

Make: @ietyg

Agency: @models.iconic

Marketing and Design Director Hooks: @mathlopes

Fashion Director Hooks: @directorhooks

In this special "Beauty" edition of August, Hooks Magazine is honored to present the stunning international model Kezzia, whose career is a testament to determination and passion for fashion. In an exclusive interview, Kezzia shared her journey from the early steps as a model to the behind-the-scenes of runway shows and photoshoots that made her shine on the global stage.

Kezzia, who embarked on her journey in Belo Horizonte, recounts that her entry into the industry happened by chance, when a scout from an old agency recognized her potential. With courage and perseverance, she built a portfolio and carved her space.

The most rewarding aspect of Kezzia's career, as she reveals, is her affinity for the fashion world's behind-the-scenes. Her love for creation and attention to detail have made her more than just a pretty face. By taking care of production, styling, and all the elements that make up a photoshoot or runway show, she adds her unique perspective, ensuring that each project becomes a work of art in its own right.

Check out the exclusive interview below:

1. How did you start your career as a model and what led you to choose this profession?

I began my journey when I left my hometown and moved to Belo Horizonte. A scout from an old agency there invited me to visit the agency and they mentioned that I had a lot of potential. So, I created my portfolio and started doing my first jobs, including runway shows. I went through castings for opportunities in India, China, and Mexico, but initially didn't pursue them due to fear. I didn't speak English, and my financial situation wasn't favorable either. However, I continued working in Belo Horizonte and also took jobs in São Paulo. Eventually, I ended up moving to São Paulo due to the high demand for work in the field.

2. What are the most rewarding aspects of your job as a model and how do they relate to your passion for fashion?

The modeling career has revealed to me the aspect of fashion that I find most enchanting: the backstage. I love being behind the cameras, taking care of production, styling, in short, every detail deeply fascinates me. I have a true love for creation.

3. Can you share a memorable or exciting experience you've had during a photoshoot or fashion runway?

I have countless positive stories and incredible experiences with clients during photoshoots, some of which could make a movie! However, the most memorable memory for me in the fashion world, without a doubt, was my first runway show. The anxiety of stepping onto the runway for the first time, the mix of fear and excitement, everything is truly incredible. I can vividly recall every feeling before crossing that stage.

4. How do you physically and mentally prepare yourself to face the challenges of the fashion industry?

Taking care of my physical health through weightlifting and yoga is definitely a mental exercise as well! I write when I feel stressed or anxious, and the practice of meditation is also a constant in my routine.

5. What is your approach when working with different designers and brands to bring their visions to life in photoshoots or runways?

In some jobs, I feel that I don't have complete freedom to incorporate my perspective, but I make it a point to infuse a bit of my identity into everything I do. Of course, I do this respectfully, avoiding intrusiveness and always considering the work of others.

6. Fashion is constantly evolving. How do you maintain your creativity and adapt to changes in the fashion world?

I stay updated on everything happening in the fashion world, as I also have a role in keeping people informed. I have an Instagram profile dedicated exclusively to fashion, where I feel comfortable sharing what I desire and being truly authentic.

7. What are your favorite areas within the fashion industry? (for example: runway shows, editorials, advertising campaigns) and why?

I'm passionate about highly innovative editorials, glamorous runway shows like those of Victoria's Secret, and even commercial projects that require a touch of acting.


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