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Larissa Rodrigues: A Journey of Overcoming in the International Fashion


Model: Larissa Rodrigues - @larissacr11

Photographer: Atakan - @atakanakbaba

Style: @bahartmcnn

Design Director Hooks: Matheus Lopes - @mathlopes

Editor-In-Chief: Matheus Hooks - @directorhooks

Our special edition this month of Hooks Magazine International highlights an extraordinary figure in the fashion industry, Larissa Rodrigues. An international model whose journey is an inspiration to all who aspire to overcome challenges and achieve success.

Larissa's story begins with a moment that challenged her to believe in her own beauty. At the age of 20, after years of being considered "the ugly duckling" in school, Larissa was invited by a friend to participate in a beauty pageant, where she secured 2nd place. This moment made her question her self-esteem and potential.

At the start of her career, Larissa faced the challenge of balancing her college studies with her burgeoning modeling career. She had to make tough decisions and forego job opportunities to prioritize her education, but this dedication paid off.

Larissa soon saw her career take off, participating in renowned cosmetics and clothing campaigns, even being featured in a Vogue magazine campaign.

In 2020, Larissa took another major step, relocating to Italy. However, this transition was not without its challenges. She had to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers. "Language and culture were the biggest challenges. I didn't speak Italian or English, but with effort, I now speak fluently. Adapting to Italian culture, especially the cuisine, was also a challenge, but over time, I managed to adjust," shared Larissa.

Larissa Rodrigues is living proof that determination can overcome any obstacle. Her inspirational journey has made her a sought-after model in the fashion world, and her talent has brought her to the cover of Hooks Magazine International.

Explore the full interview with Larissa - November 'MODEL' edition of Hooks Magazine International:

1. How was your experience participating in the beauty pageant at the age of 20 and coming in 2nd place? Did this influence your decision to become a model?

I was thrilled; a friend had invited me to participate in the selection, and I was chosen. However, there was that thought: "Am I really beautiful?" Because for years, I had been considered the ugly duckling at school. When I found myself participating in a beauty pageant, I realized that I had potential. I had never worn heels, but I was persistent. I rehearsed every day and managed to secure 2nd place at the time.
It had a significant influence, as the worlds are interconnected. For years, I participated in various beauty pageants and received several job offers in the fashion industry.

2. How did you balance your modeling career with college studies in the early days? What were the challenges you faced during that period?

At the beginning, it was challenging because I had to prioritize my studies and missed several job opportunities. However, over time, I managed to balance both.

3. What were the events that led you to decide to move to Goiânia? And how did this change impact your modeling career?

I enjoy challenges, even though I'm a Cancer. I was missing out on many job opportunities because I lived in a small town. I had to take a bus from Morrinhos to Goiânia, which was a 3-hour journey. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and move to Goiânia, transfer my course to online studies, and relocated to Goiânia. It was the best choice I ever made in my life because it transformed me into an independent person.

4. Could you share some memorable experiences you had during the 2 years you lived in Goiânia, especially in relation to cosmetics and clothing campaigns?

I made numerous friendships that are still with me to this day, truly a family where there was support and a lot of love, even though we weren't blood-related. All the jobs I did were memorable, but one, in particular, left a mark on me. It was when I saw myself featured in a cosmetics commercial in Vogue magazine. I was incredibly moved and cried a lot.

5. What motivated you to take the next step and move to Italy in 2020? How was the transition to an international career?

When I entered the world of fashion, I already aspired to have an international career. However, when the decision came, the pandemic hit, and I had to postpone. After several months, the opportunity to move to Europe arose again, and I didn't hesitate. It was challenging because I didn't speak any Italian or English. The transition was smooth, but I missed my family and friends.

6. What were the biggest challenges you faced when starting your international career in Italy? And how did these experiences shape your journey as a model?

The biggest challenge for me was the language and also the culture because I didn't speak any Italian or English. It was a challenge, but today I speak fluently. As for the cultural aspect, especially in terms of cuisine, I encountered several issues, like trying to order ketchup to put on pizza, for example. I don't recommend anyone to do that. But eventually, I adapted because Italians are very welcoming. Today, I am a more assertive woman, capable of dealing with life's challenges. I am very grateful for the opportunity I had and still have to explore the world, as it has enriched me culturally.


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