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Lauren Pires: The Brazilian Elegance that Charms the Fashion World


Lauren Pires for Hooks Magazine


Photographer: @claudiologattho

Hairstylist: @femottaoficial


In this edition of Hooks Magazine International, we delve into the vibrant world of fashion and creativity with the captivating Lauriene Cordeiro, also known as Lauren Pires. With her distinct style and multifaceted talents, Lauriene graces our cover as a true embodiment of Brazilian elegance and innovation.

Hailing from the heart of Brazil, Lauriene Cordeiro has carved her path in the fashion industry with unwavering determination and a keen eye for style. Her Instagram profile stands out for its editorial organization and elegance, showcasing her impeccable fashion sense.

Lauren Pires for Hooks Magazine

After spending two transformative years in Paris, Lauriene speaks fondly of her immersive experience in the fashion capital. "Paris is the city of fashion," she shares, "It's amazing how they play and immerse themselves in designs. Fashion is my weakness, and the streets of Paris are a runway!"

As the official model of Boho Atelier, Lauriene's journey in the world of haute couture has been nothing short of remarkable. Boho specializes in creating exclusive handmade dresses, each one a unique masterpiece. With a wardrobe filled with Boho creations, Lauriene's dedication to her craft is evident in every photoshoot, where she adds her unique style to create unforgettable moments.

Lauren Pires for Hooks Magazine

In addition to her role as a model, Lauriene is also a fashion student with aspirations of becoming a renowned designer. Her journey in the fashion world has been inspired by her sense of style and the encouragement she received from those around her. "I want to stand out and inspire," she shares, reflecting on her goals in the industry.

Despite facing setbacks, including being close to participating in reality TV shows, Lauriene's resilience and determination remain unwavering. With an independent spirit cultivated since a young age, Lauriene's journey is a testament to her strength and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Lauren Pires for Hooks Magazine

While Lauriene continues to carve her path in the fashion world, Hooks Magazine International celebrates her as a beacon of creativity, elegance, and empowerment. Join us as we uncover the essence of Lauriene Cordeiro, a true rising icon, in the following exclusive interview.

1: How was the experience of living in Paris for two years? What were the most remarkable aspects of this experience?

It was a unique experience! There's nothing quite like learning another language, another culture, another country, haha. The education that Europeans have is on another level. Today, I can say that French is my second language. I confess it wasn't easy to learn, but I adopted the method of the singer Anitta, haha: "date someone who speaks the language you want to learn." I didn't date a Frenchman just to learn a new language, but I must admit it helped me learn faster. Paris is the city of fashion; that's what stood out to me the most. It's incredible how they play and immerse themselves in designs. Fashion is my weakness; I'm biased, and the streets of Paris are like a runway!

2: You mentioned that you have 32 tattoos. Is there one in particular that holds special meaning for you? Could you share a bit about it?

I have the Eiffel Tower tattooed, marking the first place I visited outside of Brazil: Paris. I also have one in honor of my mother, who passed away six years ago. Others were made just to cover scars, and some are part of something memorable from the places I've visited, like Ibiza or Rio de Janeiro, for example. I could talk for hours about the meanings of my tattoos because each one has a different significance, haha.

Lauren Pires for Hooks Magazine

3: What is your work routine like as the main model at a Boho atelier? What do you enjoy most about this fashion environment?

Boho is a high-end couture atelier. They produce exclusive dresses, many of which are handmade. I have an entire closet filled with Boho pieces, many of them unique items I haven't had the opportunity to wear yet. I photograph for the atelier every week, capturing wonderful collections tailored to perfection. Some dresses are for brides, others are classic or contemporary! I'm bold, and I love pouring myself into every shoot, making it different and remarkable in some way. The atelier created a look with my name on it, which left me pleasantly surprised and, in a way, affirmed how good I am at my job!

Lauren Pires for Hooks Magazine

4: In addition to your work as a model, you're also studying fashion. What are your inspirations and goals in this field?

People always used to ask me if I had a stylist, who put together my looks, where I bought my clothes, who made them... I've always had a different style and I always stand out wherever I go. I'm never vulgar. Although few people can distinguish between sexy and vulgar, many suggested that I take a fashion course, invest in this area, and that sparked my curiosity and desire to learn more and more, especially when I discovered fashion in Paris. I intend to focus on a fashion career and give it my all. I want to stand out and be an inspiration.

Lauren Pires for Hooks Magazine

5: You mentioned that you were called to participate in a reality show several times. Could you share a bit about that experience and why it didn't work out in the end?

Actually, it was several different reality shows. In two of them, I even made it to the fifth phase of selection, but I don't know why I wasn't chosen. I'm wonderful haha, outgoing, and really sincere, kkk. I'm sure I would have stood out the most on the show. The experience of almost getting in was great, I spent some time confined, participated in parties, and some recordings...

Lauren Pires for Hooks Magazine

6: How is your relationship with independence, considering that you have been living alone since you were 13? What are the challenges and rewards of being so independent from an early age?

Being independent is already natural for me. I learned very early on what it means, and I had to mature earlier, which made me more determined. I learned everything through the experience of each action and choice, and I believe I have achieved many things since then! Many people say I seem older (not because of my appearance), but because of my maturity and behavior, even in conversation! There were difficult challenges, and I confess there were moments when I wanted to give up everything, especially when I lost my mother. But over time, I found myself again and continued to conquer this world and take advantage of the opportunities that life offers me.

Lauren Pires for Hooks Magazine

Lauren Pires for Hooks Magazine

Lauren Pires for Hooks Magazine


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