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Nicolas Ghesquière revisits his past over his 10 years as creative director of Louis Vuitton to reaffirm essential codes to his style.

On the day of the show, he left a letter for those present in his studio, a thank you for the 10 years he has been creating for the brand.

"This is a particular night. A meaningful night. Ten years ago, you came to my first Louis Vuitton show. I remember the feeling of 'beginning,' the immense joy I felt in being among you. That joy is still here. Ten years later, tonight is a new dawn... I wanted to continue this inspiring journey, open to the future and to the world, the philosophy of Louis Vuitton. It's a beautiful journey. I am continuing it. Thank you for sharing these last ten years of design with me. Ten years for a creator is the time to say things well. I thank Bernard Arnault for his trust. Thank you, Michael Burke. Thank you, dear Delphine Arnault. And thank you, today, Pietro Beccari. And I thank all those who make Louis Vuitton, those who have allowed me to build and express this story that always renews itself. You were with me on March 5, 2014, one morning. You are with me now today, this evening. Tomorrow. Nicolas, March 5, 2024"

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