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Milan, March 22nd 2024

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Maison Valentino and Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli are announcing their joint decision to end their collaboration. Since assuming the role of sole Creative Director in 2016, Pierpaolo Piccioli has significantly shaped the Maison’s trajectory with his vision, dedication, and innovative spirit, influencing a pivotal chapter in the company’s history.

“I am grateful to Pierpaolo for his role as Creative Director and for his vision, commitment and creativity that have brought the Maison Valentino to what it stands for today.”

Jacopo Venturini, CEO Valentino


“We extend our deepest gratitude to Pierpaolo for writing an important chapter in the history of the Maison Valentino. His contribution over the past 25 years will leave an indelible mark.”

Rachid Mohamed Rachid, Chairman Valentino


Pierpaolo piccioli (Photo: Disclosure)

“Not all stories have a beginning or an end, some live a kind of eternal present that shines so bright that it won’t produce any shadows. I’ve been in this company for 25 years, and for 25 years I’ve existed and I’ve lived with the people who have woven the weaves of this beautiful story that is mine and ours.
Everything existed and exists thanks to the people I met, with whom I worked, with whom I shared dreams and created beauty, with whom I built something that belongs to all, and that remains immutable and tangible.
This heritage of love, dreams, beauty and humanity, I carry it with me, today and forever.
This is the beauty that we have created: life, hope, opportunity and gratitude, and my people, my heart, and the love that gives you all the possibilities of the world, especially those that you could not imagine alone.
Thanks to Mr. Valentino and Giancarlo Giammetti who have blessed me with their trust, thanks to every single person who made this possible in one way or another, it was a privilege and an honor to share my journey, and my dreams, with you.”

Pierpaolo Piccioli


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