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Maria Rita Xavier - Exploring Inspiring Destinations and Lifestyle


Photographer: @glauberbassi / Make up: @leticia_Rocha202 / Stylist: @natykuprian / Assistent: @milenavitoriaff / Hooks Team: @directorhooks - @mathlopes

Exploring the world of fashion and travel is a fascinating combination that allows fashion models to immerse themselves in different cultures and stunning scenery around the globe. In this interview, we have the pleasure of talking to Maria Rita Xavier, a talented Brazilian model currently residing in Milan, Italy. Maria Rita will share her experiences, tips, and inspirations on the most enchanting destinations for creating beautiful photographs, how she incorporates her personal lifestyle into her photoshoots, and how she balances work and leisure during her travels. Get ready to discover the world through the lens of a model passionate about exploring new landscapes and incorporating her experiences into her work.

Living in Milan allows Maria Rita to be at the center of fashion trends and creativity in the fashion industry, which undoubtedly influences her work and travel experiences. Discover how this talented model translates the energy and style of Milan into captivating images and how she continues to explore the world in search of new photographic opportunities.

1. Which travel destinations do you consider the most inspiring for creating beautiful photographs?

Of the places I have visited, Europe is incredibly beautiful for photography because you can capture images in the mountains during winter, by the poolside, and at thermal spas. In the summer, there are many stunning beaches, even in mountainous areas with beachfronts. So, here in Europe, there are plenty of gorgeous places to photograph.

2. How do you incorporate your personal lifestyle into your photo shoots?

When I want to take photos on the streets, I find many streets with a cinematic atmosphere here. For me, Europe is the best destination for photography because it has everything. I seek expressions and emotions in my photos. In the recent sessions I did, including with Glauber, I tried to express emotions to avoid having photos that were only smiles or serious looks. I do different poses, look to the side, change a little, move my mouth, and close my eyes. These are expressions that I find interesting to convey emotions in photos.

3. What are your tips for maintaining a healthy routine during your frequent travels?

Well, before summer, I usually dedicate myself to the gym to get my body the way I want it and to be able to enjoy a tan. Before traveling, I focus on nutrition and the gym, especially during the summer. In winter, things are different because of heavy coats. I usually cut my hair in winter because it's easier to wear heavy coats. When your hair is too long, you can end up looking like a snowman and even get your zipper stuck in your hair, which is not cool. In the summer, I let my hair grow longer because I find it beautiful, it's like a mermaid style.

4. What essential items do you always carry with you when traveling for a photo shoot?

I always bring various hair clips to hold my hair. I also bring different types of earrings and gel because I really like the wet hair look pulled back! It's like someone just stepped out of the shower. Especially in the summer when I'm all wet, this hairstyle is great. So, I always carry some accessories.
When I travel, I've been buying a camera so that I can take photos during my trips as well. I bring some things like hair products, in case I want to curl or straighten my hair, for example.

5. What are the common challenges you face when balancing travel and a career in fashion?

The challenging part of traveling with fashion is that wherever I go, I always think about taking a photo. If I see a street that looks like a movie set, I start thinking, "Imagine if I take a photo with my back turned, looking down the corridor." Or, "That tree is beautiful, I can imagine striking some poses with my face turned this way," exploring my creativity for my work. So, in all my trips, I'm always looking for opportunities to photograph, at every moment. Like, "Wow, what a beautiful view, there's that wall, I can already picture myself sitting on it, posing, with that view." It becomes a fashion trip. Because when I travel, I take some time to work. Work, okay. Then, I take the opportunity to relax and enjoy the scenery.

6. How do you find a balance between work and leisure while on a business trip?

After completing all the photo shoots and videos I want, I relax and appreciate the place I'm in. If I'm at a beach, like what happened in Mykonos, I enjoy the place, the moment. I disconnect a bit from work and focus on the present moment, on that landscape, on that beach.

7. What is your best advice for aspiring fashion models who want to explore the world and incorporate their travel experiences into their portfolio?

My advice is to always have ideas in mind, even if you don't have all the necessary accessories. You can improvise with something else. Additionally, it's important to be familiar with different poses, as the pose and camera angle can make a big difference. Lighting is also crucial because some lights may favor your appearance, while others can emphasize dark circles or make you look scattered. So, always look for good lighting. I usually carry a small light for shooting in such situations. Sometimes, you may think you look unattractive in a photo, but it's not always your fault. It could be the lighting or the environment that didn't flatter you. Therefore, my advice is to always focus on finding art in the landscapes. For example, "I like this leaf, what if I cover half of my face with it and pose on the other side?" Or, "Wow, if I emerge from the sand like a mermaid." Or even, "What a beautiful snowy location, touching the snow like this." Having ideas and focusing on them is always important because the places you visit can greatly influence your photography compositions.


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