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Marina Ruy Barbosa signs Life collection inspired by technology

"Azure" is the thirteenth creative partnership of the actress with the jewelry brand.

Marina Ruy Barbosa

Photos Courtesy LIFE

With a futuristic design, Life – a collectibles brand – presents its 13th collection signed by its ambassador: actress, model, and entrepreneur Marina Ruy Barbosa. The new line, titled 'Azure,' consists of three earrings, two necklaces, two rings, and one bracelet, inspired by digital trends and the maximalism present on the runways.

Marina Ruy Barbosa

The brand explores the connection between the digital and physical worlds, which is increasingly prominent in jewelry and fashion, and delves into modernity in every detail of its pieces. Stone-on-stone setting, for example, brings an innovative touch to the collection, which also features colors inspired by vibrant and modern tones.

The campaign captures a rarely seen casual side of the actress. Photographed in a street-style black and white look, it showcases the jewelry in a relaxed manner without losing sophistication and demonstrates the versatility of the pieces.

Marina Ruy Barbosa

'This release is very special. In this thirteenth collection, we decided to create something different and modern: we sought inspiration in technology. Our idea is to take everyone on a journey through the world of trends, colors, and authenticity,' says Marina Ruy Barbosa.

Marina Ruy Barbosa

The novelty, which features 8 silver jewelry pieces with rhodium plating and brilliant cut, allows for different daytime and nighttime combinations, and they are excellent options for gifting.


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