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Meet Miss Nicoly Lopes Lacerda

Miss Nicoly Lopes Lacerda

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At just 8 years old, the 'Curitibana' began participating in pageants last year. She has already secured the crown at Miss São José dos Pinhais in the Mini category.

Focused on the next competition to win the national stage, Nicoly ensures a beautiful presence on the runways. This is achieved through intense preparations for the pageants, combined with her naturalness and charisma.

Miss Nicoly Lopes Lacerda

Nicoly dedicates herself a lot to her studies and still finds time to study English.

Fun also plays a part in her daily life, and she emphasizes: '- Every preparation is also fun because after all, I am a child and everything turns into a game!

Miss Nicoly Lopes Lacerda

Although she is a carefree child and has a positive outlook on pageants, like any work, there is also a negative side where the family does not always see the competition being as fair as it should be.

Although it's a competition and there's rivalry in the midst, the family ensures that the friendships formed become true and unique!

Miss Nicoly Lopes Lacerda

With the scheduled date for March 24, 2024, in Santa Catarina (Brazil) at Beto Carrero World, the competition will be fierce with girls from all over Brazil. Nicoly already thanks everyone for their support and for believing in her dream, ensuring that she will give her best in this long-awaited contest!

Miss Nicoly Lopes Lacerda


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