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Meet the 'teacher of the stars' who is revolutionizing English teaching

Photos: @rodrigobacellar_

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Known as the "teacher of the stars," Carolina Diniz has been standing out for her innovative approach to teaching English. With a budget of only R$ 600 (Real, Brazilian currency), she started her entrepreneurial journey in a rented room, in a backyard, exchanging lessons for services.

"I handed out flyers in the subway, believed in it, and made it happen until word of mouth gained strength, transforming the R$ 600 into a million-dollar revenue a few years later," recalled Carol.

The teacher shares that she transformed all her knowledge of the English language into something engaging, creating the fastest English method in Brazil. Her method, based on the Portuguese language and emotional intelligence, has proven effective in overcoming obstacles and unlocking the linguistic potential of her students.

"I managed to combine the resources of Neurolinguistic Programming and language, creating something irresistible and very, very profitable. Once I prove to Brazil every day that speaking English is much more emotional than simply cognitive, as it was thought until then," said Carol.

With this, she managed to attract thousands of people desperate to learn with her method because they saw it as their last hope to unlock English. The entrepreneur's modern and innovative method ended up gaining the favor of celebrities.

"Among these thousands, hundreds of celebrities, attracted by the quick method and through the recommendation of other famous individuals, began reaching out to me to learn the language even with their tight schedules."

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