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Milena Colucci: From the Runway to a Passion for International Fashion


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In this special edition of Hooks Magazine International, we have the honor of introducing Milena Colucci, a figure who transcends borders as a model and fashion enthusiast. Her journey, which began as a Miss in Brazil, led her to tread a bold path towards foreign shores, where she encountered challenges and embraced opportunities with determination.

One of the striking barriers in her transition was language, revealing that even the universal English language presents nuances and regional challenges. Additionally, the distance from family and friends served as a constant reminder of the courage required to venture into foreign lands.

Passionate about fashion, Milena shares insights into the differences between trends in Brazil and abroad, highlighting the intrinsic sensuality of Brazilian fashion. Her memorable experiences as a Miss are treasures that have shaped her journey and perpetuate her passion for the world of pageantry.

Her international experiences have inspired a fresh perspective on fashion, viewing it as an expression of identity that transcends cultural boundaries. Milena offers valuable advice to young individuals aspiring to enter the international fashion industry, emphasizing the importance of focus, continuous learning, and creativity.

She observes the industry's transformation with the rise of social media, which has democratized influence in fashion and shifted the power dynamics. Through challenges and triumphs, Milena Colucci embodies the inner strength that propels success, reminding us that true beauty goes beyond appearances, inspiring others to tread their own daring and authentic paths in the world of fashion.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Check it out now:

1. How was the transition from being a former beauty queen in Brazil to living abroad? What were the major challenges you faced in this process?

One of the barriers encountered in this transition was language. The primary obstacle is undoubtedly language. Despite English being the universal and highly "popular" language, no matter how fluent you are, adapting to everyday English is not as simple as it seems. This is because there are various accents, alternative vocabularies, and numerous slang terms (which depend on the region you reside in).
Also, the distance from family and friends. Initially, it may not be noticeable, but as the days go by, the feeling of missing loved ones grows, highlighting how challenging it is to live far away from those we cherish.

2. You've mentioned your love for fashion. How do you perceive the difference in fashion trends between Brazil and the country you're currently living in?

Being Brazilian anywhere in the world means spreading the "joy of living" that we carry within us! In fashion, the fundamental difference lies in sensuality, which is much more pronounced in Brazilian fashion.

3. What are your most memorable moments from your career as a beauty queen? Do they still influence your life today?

When I think about my time as a beauty queen, the first thing that comes to my mind is the moments when I participated in national pageants. Undoubtedly, they are some of the most unforgettable moments of my life, moments I carry as some of the happiest, as they were the opportunities God granted me to truly transform my life. And my passion for the world of pageantry remains strong to this day.

4. Living in a foreign country certainly brings unique experiences. How has your experience abroad inspired your perspective on fashion?

Fashion is an expression of our identity, a language that speaks of our cultural roots, visions, and perspectives.

5. As a former beauty queen and a fashion enthusiast, do you have any advice for young individuals aspiring to enter the international fashion industry?

My advice is: Stay focused. It's not effective to search for opportunities in a disorganized manner. Only send your resume and channel your energy towards positions that truly align with your profile. If something is lacking, go after it: take courses to become the professional that the company desires and needs. Tailor your resume for the fashion industry. It's not enough to have a well-structured resume only when aiming for a position with an international fashion brand. Every detail matters, including your resume. Your creativity will always be evaluated.

6. Who are your favorite designers or fashion brands? Have they changed since you moved abroad from Brazil?

First and foremost, my favorite designer is Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, a lovely name. Coco Chanel, the French designer and founder of the Chanel brand. As for my favorite brands, they have always been Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Versace.

7. How do you perceive the role of social media in the fashion industry today compared to when you began your career?

Today, I view social media as a significant force in the fashion world. Initially, fashion was exclusively explored through magazines and, to some extent, television. However, with the advent of the internet, things began to change. Currently, social media stands as the most influential platform globally. This has a tremendous impact on the fashion realm. The growth of the fashion industry has been notably pronounced in recent times, and social media plays a substantial role in driving this surge in consumption. In the past, fashion was dictated by a closed circle of fashion enthusiasts who set trends. Now, with the widespread popularity of social media, the dynamics of power have shifted entirely.

8. Among all the achievements you've reached so far, what do you consider to be the pinnacle of your journey as a model and fashion enthusiast?

The pinnacle of my journey is closely associated with fulfillment. I've always maintained clear and defined goals in my life and have consistently strived to achieve them, as they are crucial to my well-being. Throughout my journey, I've encountered various obstacles and overcome them all to attain a sense of fulfillment.

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Aug 31, 2023
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