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More than a new spokesperson for Maybelline NY in Brazil

The actress joins Jennifer Nascimento in the brand's ambassador squad and promotes the new Lash Sensational Sky High Cosmic Black mascara.

Photo courtesy Maybelline NY

Cosmetics brand Maybelline NY announces Maisa as the newest addition to their team of spokespersons, which already includes actress Jeniffer Nascimento. The young actress and presenter, who has had a successful career in TV and streaming, boasts over 150 million followers on her social media platforms.

The partnership between Maisa and the makeup brand is a natural fit, as she has always shown interest in beauty trends since childhood.

"It's an incredible moment in my career to talk about something that is part of my daily routine. I love the possibilities of this universe, and from a very young age, I could experiment and learn. Today, those who follow me know that I feel honored to represent a globally recognized brand, with a wide range of beloved products, that is connected with my audience. I'm excited to make my mark in the world with Maybelline NY!" says Maisa.

She highlights the ability to transform instantly, going from a basic appearance to a glamorous look with just a lipstick, for example, her favorite lipstick being Maybelline NY's Super Stay® Vinyl Ink, which has a mirrored effect, emphasizing the multiple possibilities to achieve the "WOW" effect. This versatility reflects the concept of Maybelline's new release, the Lash Sensational Sky High Cosmic Black mascara, which features special pigments and advanced technology to create an intense black, providing limitless length and volume, unlike the previous version of Lash Sensational Sky High.

"Maisa arrival as the face of the Lash Sensational Sky High Cosmic Black campaign in Brazil is part of Maybelline NY's approach to Gen Z and Millennial consumers, who follow beauty trends and seek high-performance and technology-driven products. Only Maybelline NY can deliver disruptive innovations and exclusive technologies that adapt to your routine, no matter how intense it may be," says Belen Torrens, director of Maybelline NY in Brazil.

All products can be tested using the "Maybelline NY Makeup Online Try-On," available at the link, which helps choose the right foundation shade, concealer, mascara, and lipstick color. For better results, select images with good lighting or try them out live through the camera. This new feature reinforces the brand's commitment to technology, bringing another innovation to this segment.

Maybelline NY has brought another innovation from the Super Stay® line to Brazilian women, known for its high performance, with a vegan formula. The Vinyl Ink features technology that sets and maintains the color, delivering beautiful and shiny lips. Catering to all preferences, the world's #1 makeup brand offers ten colors in shades of nudes, reds, and pinks, allowing you to be daring and innovative. Choose your team and step out to live your day.


Link | Maybelline NY Customer Support: 0800 701 0114

Instagram: @maybellinenybrasil



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