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MOSCHINO: A 40-Year Celebration at Milan Fashion Week

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Today, at Milan Fashion Week, the iconic brand MOSCHINO made history by celebrating its 40 years of fashion in a truly spectacular way. After a year without a defined creative director, the Italian fashion house decided to innovate by bringing not one but four talented international designers to create their Spring/Summer 2024 collection. The result was a fusion of creativity and unique visions that left the audience in awe.

Four Acts, Four Visions

The opening of this thrilling fashion show featured Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, who delved into the crucial question: "What does classic mean in today's world?" Her act highlighted Franco Moschino's classics, with elegant turbans and sinuous shirts that represented a contemporary reinterpretation.

Next up was Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, who focused her attention on the nostalgic revival of the 90s. She brought denim and iconic skirts to the runway, evoking a captivating energy that has been rare in recent times.

Lucia Liu took on the third act, working on layering the rich Moschino archive with striking slogans. She created a manifesto that paid homage to Franco Moschino's vision of fashion and the look of "lost princesses" or perhaps "free princesses."

In the fourth and final act, Katie Grand brought the concept of "high luxury" to life, accompanied by the bold choreography of Wayne McGregor from the Royal Ballet of London, unleashing bodies in a truly Loud Luxury spectacle.

A Symphony of Styles and Music

The climax of the show was the moving performance by Laura Marzadori, the first violinist of Teatro alla Scala, who played Gloria Gaynor's music and Moschino's iconic anthem, "I Am What I Am." This song had closed the brand's show in 1986 for the Fall/Winter collection, and its return was an emotional tribute to this 40-year journey.

The MOSCHINO runway show at Milan Fashion Week marked a significant milestone in the history of fashion. With four talented designers bringing their unique perspectives, the brand celebrated its legacy in a truly exceptional way. This Spring/Summer 2024 collection not only paid homage to the past but also pointed toward a bright and innovative future. MOSCHINO remains a force to be reckoned with in the global fashion scene, and this show was a vivid testament to their creativity and boldness. Congratulations to the brand on 40 years of success!


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