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Nicky Zimmermann Redefines Nostalgia in Her Latest Collection

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Nicky Zimmermann, with her three decades of expertise in the fashion industry, masterfully intertwines historical influences with modern aesthetics. Her resort 2023 collection drew from the ’50s and ’60s, and the fall 2024 line echoed the spirit of the ’70s. For her latest endeavor, Zimmermann reminisced about her design school days in Sydney during the ’80s, an era marked by Molly Ringwald’s Hollywood stardom. She reflected on her time spent scouring vintage shops for pink dresses, lace outfits, and old suits, using these cherished memories as the cornerstone of her new collection.

Zimmermann’s signature use of lace takes on a fresh, innovative twist this season. She collaborated with an artist to reinterpret lace as a print, featuring whimsical icons like lipsticks and love hearts. These hand-drawn elements were digitized and printed onto airy, transparent organza, creating a mesmerizing trompe l’oeil effect.

Floral prints, a hallmark of Zimmermann’s collections, were present but with a new twist. This time, she incorporated a leopard motif, harkening back to her debut collection’s bold patterns. "Leopard print works hand-in-hand with floral. It may not always appear in my shows, but it’s deeply ingrained in the brand’s DNA," Zimmermann explained.

A surprising addition to this collection was the introduction of sneakers, crafted with the same delicate lace fabric used in the clothing. These sneakers added a touch of relaxed elegance to the otherwise opulent and intricate designs, showcasing Zimmermann’s skill in balancing practicality with high fashion.

The collection as a whole reflects the intersection of city and beach life, while also exploring moments where thoughts, actions, and emotions seamlessly converge. Zimmermann’s designs are increasingly aligned with a street-savvy aesthetic, presenting fluid silhouettes and relaxed fits that resonate with the urban landscapes of Sydney and beyond.


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