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NingNing, from aespa, Shines as the New Global Ambassador for Versace

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NingNing, the talented K-pop star from the aespa group, is rising to new levels of glamour and prestige as the latest global ambassador for the renowned Italian fashion brand, Versace. The news was announced with enthusiasm today by Versace itself on its social media platforms, further solidifying NingNing's presence in the international fashion scene.

NingNing said that the fashion brand "has always been about pushing the boundaries of creative expression and supporting those who have the confidence to express themselves, especially in the world of music."

"That's why being a Versace ambassador is so exciting for me," she added. "I feel a new strong attitude when I wear Versace and I'm excited to share it with everyone in the hope that they too feel confident to share their own strength and power."

Donatella Versace, the visionary artistic director behind the iconic brand, spared no praise for the new ambassador, highlighting her strong and confident vision, as well as her irresistible talent and energy.

"She has a strong and confident vision, incredible energy and talent," said Donatella Versace, expressing her admiration for NingNing.

In a world where fashion merges with music, NingNing represents the perfect fusion of these two forms of expression, and her appointment as a Versace ambassador reflects not only her impeccable style but also her commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

Since her first steps in the fashion scene, NingNing has been a fervent advocate for self-expression and personal confidence.


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