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Pandora presents a collection that celebrates eternal bonds of friendship

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With friends, we share laughter, advice and common dreams. Sometimes this connection makes it so deep that they become like family - the family we choose. This strong bond was an incredible source of inspiration for Pandora. This season, the jewelry store presents a perfect collection for best friends who want to have matching charms and celebrate all the stories and emotions that connect their bonds of friendship.

One of the outstanding pieces of the collection, and that carries great

meaning, is rose gold plated Weft Chain Necklace 14 carats. The piece arrives with a spherical clasp to symbolize connections that have no end and can be styled in the most possible creatives. The Pandora Moments bracelet also arrives in a renewed reinterpretation, sporting the iconic chain pattern of Pandora weave, this time with a round clasp. The closure can support up to two charms, increasing the possibilities of combinations. Charms that complement each other and can be divided among friends also appear in the collection.

"We want people to celebrate what they love in style, so we've expanded our collection to include important themes such as family and friends, keeping the focus on the bonds that exist in these relationships. Personalization and inclusion are fundamental foundations for this collection. That's why we want to give our customers special pieces they can count on for their history through the language of Pandora", say the creative directors of the brand, A. Filippo Ficarelli and Francesco Terzo.

The Danish jewelry company's new proposal includes charm holders, bracelets, rings, charms and many other pieces that can be used in different ways and combined with other collections.


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