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PatBO revives the artisanal expertise of the 1970s in a new collection presented at NYFW

At New York Fashion Week

The 1970s, with a generous touch of tropicality, serve as the starting point for the brand's Summer 2024 collection.

Photos Courtesy PatBo

Titled "Tropicalia", the collection celebrates the fusion of exquisite artisanal skills and the vibrancy of the decade. Each piece transports the artisanal expertise back to the seventies, emphasizing meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that characterize the PatBO signature.

The collection's highlights include fully embroidered looks with crystals, wooden beads, and feathers in earthy tones, reminiscent of the characteristic style of the seventies, blending it into a rustic-couture fusion.

In addition to hand embroidery, techniques like richelieu are incorporated into modern tailoring, including in denim enriched with contemporary feather and gemstone embroidery. Metallic lace in shades like Apricot and Dry Rose, evoking a vintage feel, enriches the color palette, while the corset influences flowing dresses. The beachwear couture features jersey with foil, combining oversized flowers and handcrafted gemstones.

As the only Brazilian brand on the official New York Fashion Week calendar, PatBO reinforces its commitment to Brazilian hand embroidery. Creative director Patricia Bonaldi emphasizes:

"We are local to become global," emphasizing the brand's commitment to Brazilian creative expression, reflected in the "Tropicalia" collection.

The runway highlights the power of Brazilian creativity and the ability to tell narratives through fashion design. It's an invitation to experience the magical fusion of the energy of the 1970s and tropical exuberance, in a celebration of authenticity and elegance.

To further reinforce national strength, the brand has partnered with Brazilian collaborators such as Braé Hair Care, Bruna Tavares, and Simple Organic, who contribute to the beauty of the runway, while renowned decorator Luiza Fiorito creates an exclusive decor project for the catwalk.

Patricia Bonaldi at the end of the runway show

Credits: Creative Direction: Patricia Bonaldi

Stylist: Caitlin Burke

Casting Direction: Stefanie Stein

Set Design: Luiza Fiorito

Makeup: Bruna Tavares

Hair: Braé

Skin Care: Simple Organic

Jewelry: Diamond Design

Shoes: Piazza

Photography: Leo Faria and Christy Barley

Video: Fabricio Barreto

Soundtrack: Max Blum


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