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Pharrell Williams and Tiffany & Co - Tiffany Titan

Photos disclosure Tiffany & Co

Pharrell Williams, a pop culture icon and fashion innovator, dives into the depths of the ocean to bring to life his latest collaboration with the legendary jewelry house Tiffany & Co. Under the title of "Tiffany Titan," this stunning collection brings a bold fusion of marine elements and contemporary style, leaving its unmistakable mark on the world of high jewelry.

Revealing the inspiration behind the collection's name, Pharrell shares a deep connection with his roots, linking Atlantis, the legendary underwater city, with his childhood community in Virginia Beach.

"The name of this collection is inspired by Poseidon, the ruler of the sea, King of Atlantis," Pharrell said, highlighting that Atlantis is also the name of his childhood community in Virginia Beach. This allusion to the myth of Poseidon, the mighty ruler of the sea, adds a layer of mysticism to the collection, inviting admirers to explore the depths of the ocean alongside him.

The centerpiece of this dazzling collaboration is the Tiffany Titan bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces, meticulously crafted in gold and adorned with sparkling diamonds. Their rounded silhouettes evoke the graceful curves of the Tiffany Lock, while intricate details reflect Pharrell's characteristic obsessive attention to detail.

"The detail in all of the jewelry pieces is very intentional," Pharrell continued, citing the use of black titanium as "a physical manifestation of beauty in Blackness." This choice not only adds a visually stunning dimension to the jewelry but also pays tribute to the diversity and uniqueness of each individual.

While the price may reflect the exclusivity of these creations, Pharrell ensures that each piece is more than just a status symbol—it is an authentic expression of art and style, rooted in his personal experiences and unique vision of the world.

The $16,000 bracelet.


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