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Prada introduces Prada Paradoxe, the new refillable feminine fragrance.

The amber floral fragrance features natural ingredients with a refillable packaging and has Emma Watson as its ambassador.

Photos released by FSB Comunicação

Capturing the elusive and constantly evolving essence of multidimensional and paradoxical women, Prada Beauty presents Prada Paradoxe Eau de Parfum, its new refillable amber floral fragrance that celebrates the multidimensionality of women and their constantly evolving expression. Symbolizing the woman who is never the same while remaining unapologetically herself, Paradoxe has British actress and activist Emma Watson as its ambassador.

Belonging to the amber floral olfactory family, the novelty embraces the enigmatic facets of iconic ingredients, such as Ambrofix™, typically used in men's perfumes, to reveal new sensorial experiences. True to the creative spirit of the brand and under the creative direction of Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, the fragrance was created by Givaudan's master perfumers Nadège Le Garlantezec, Shyamala Maisondieu, and Antoine Maisondieu to reconcile timelessness and avant-garde, nature and innovation. Paradoxe features a timeless floral fragrance of a bouquet of white flowers intertwined with an avant-garde olfactory signature of Ambrofix™, typically used in men's perfumes, and Serenolide™, a new and revolutionary musk molecule that redefines intensity by creating an intense and immediately perceptible trail.

Composed of three distinctive and sustainable origin notes: Moroccan neroli bud essence, vanilla infusion, and Calabrian bergamot heart, Paradoxe also features a new multi-stage bioconversion process for the development of Ambrofix™, allowing amber to be naturally derived from sugarcane instead of sage, requiring 100 times less agricultural land than traditional means of extraction.


Top notes: Calabrian bergamot heart, mandarin essence and pear accord. Heart notes: Moroccan neroli bud essence, Tunisian orange blossom and sambac jasmine. Base notes: Amber accord (Ambrofix™), Laos Benzoin Resinoid, premium bourbon vanilla infusion from Madagascar, white musk accord (Serenolide™).

The refillable Paradoxe bottle reinvents the brand's most iconic code: its triangular logo. Revolutionizing traditional perfume bottle architecture, and encapsulating Prada's codes of sophistication and avant-garde with a touch of eccentricity, the Paradoxe bottle is designed to stand on its side. Minimalist and elegant, yet powerfully familiar, the bottle's triangular design is softened by rounded angles, while the delicate coral pink of the fragrance juice contrasts with the black cap and the Prada crest printed on the glass. In addition, each Paradoxe box features a QR code, in the shape of the brand logo, inviting consumers to explore more about the brand and fragrance through augmented reality, filters and behind-the-scenes content.


Going beyond beauty, Paradoxe features an innovative, easy, and clean refill system that does not require a funnel. First, the spray valve can be easily removed, and then the 100ml refill is connected to any size bottle of the fragrance, starting the 100% automatic refill process without losing a drop of the perfume.

Reinforcing the brand's commitment to sustainability, both the fragrance bottle and the refill bottle, as well as the packaging of Paradoxe, are recyclable, and the box also has the FSC™ MIX certification, attesting that 70% of the raw materials used in the packaging come from FSC-certified forests, and 30% from controlled sources of wood. Compared to the use of three 50ml spray bottles of the fragrance, the 50ml spray and its 100ml refill bottle together help avoid the use of 40% less materials in total, including a 39% reduction in the use of cardboard, a 29% decrease in the use of glass, 46% less plastic, and a 67% reduction in the use of metals.

Paradoxe Eau de Parfum, from Prada Beauty, is available in four sizes, 10ml (limited edition), 30ml, 50ml, 90ml, with suggested prices of $39.88, $89.50, $344.98, and $167.94, respectively. The 100ml fragrance refill has a suggested price of $149.90. Please note that these prices are converted from Brazilian Real to US Dollars using an exchange rate of R$4.99 per 1 dollar, and do not include any taxes or additional fees that may apply.




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