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Priscilla Penteado: Transforming Beauty and Conquering the World in the United States

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Priscilla Penteado is a Brazilian makeup artist and hairstylist who has achieved success in the United States. After moving to Orlando, Florida, five years ago, she graduated from the renowned Wella cosmetics school and also from L'Oréal, solidifying her expertise and knowledge in the field.

With a special focus on blonde hair, Priscilla has specialized in various techniques, including extensions, hair weaving, color correction, and personalized service. Her ability to work with different skin types, particularly mature and resilient skin, has made her a recognized professional in the beauty industry.

Additionally, Priscilla has distinguished herself as a bridal makeup specialist, developing her own techniques and honing her skills to provide exceptional service. Her passion for beauty and commitment to excellence have set her apart in the competitive beauty market of the United States.

With her determination, talent, and dedication, Priscila Penteado has carved out her space as one of the leading beauty professionals in Orlando, taking her art and expertise in makeup and hair to an international level. Her journey inspires many professionals and serves as an example of the success that can be achieved through hard work and a passion for what one does. The specialist has become well-known among celebrities residing in or visiting Florida for the unique technique she has developed in makeup, delivering to her clients a "protected skin."


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