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Reebok LTD and MACHINE-A present a collection celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community, available at FARFETCH

The launch has a special focus on gender neutrality.

Models: Isaiah Jamal and Alibae - Photographer: Leslie Zhang - Creative direction: Steven Ma - FARFETCH Promotion

Reebok LTD and MACHINE-A present their exclusive collection that celebrates and honors the LGBTQIA+ community with a special focus on gender neutrality. The collaboration aims to promote the inclusion of all diversity of love and is available on the FARFETCH marketplace, the leading global platform for the luxury industry.

Carefully crafted by London-based designer Steven Ma, this partnership emerges as a manifesto of progressive love. The artistic expressions of creative Anni Fan seamlessly merge with designs, crafted through the expertise of Stavros Karelis, founder of MACHINE-A. This collaboration is a celebration of inclusion, a space where movement and expression blend harmoniously.

The pieces in the collection symbolize the fluidity and positivity of sensuality, representing a declaration of individual expression and echoing an anthem of personal freedom.

The campaign is a love letter to the Queer community and was photographed by photographer Leslie Zhang in China, with creative direction by Steven Ma. It features the captivating presences of Kai Isaiah Jamal and Alibae, transcending borders and prejudices with their presence.

The collection is available on the FARFETCH marketplace.


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