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Rosé of BLACKPINK Becomes Global Ambassador for PUMA: Merging K-pop Music and Sports Fashion

Photos Courtesy Puma

The sports brand PUMA recently announced that Rosé, a member of the famous K-pop group BLACKPINK, is the new Global Ambassador for the brand. Confirmed on June 17, 2024, this partnership marks a new chapter in the career of the K-pop star.

Rosé's relationship with PUMA isn't entirely new. BLACKPINK had collaborated with the brand back in 2018, but her new role as Global Ambassador takes the partnership to an entirely new level. Now, she will be the central figure in PUMA's major campaigns and represent the brand at global events.

Since her debut with BLACKPINK in 2016, Rosé has captured the hearts of fans worldwide, not just in South Korea but globally. Her rising popularity makes her an ideal choice for PUMA. As Global Ambassador, Rosé will bring her vibrant personality and unique style to PUMA's campaigns, injecting new energy into the brand.

Rosé is known for her passion for sports and an active lifestyle, traits that align perfectly with PUMA's values. Her global influence and love for fashion and sports complement PUMA's mission to inspire people to be active and stylish. This collaboration promises to blend the charm of K-pop with sports innovation, creating a unique synergy that will surely captivate fans from both worlds.


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