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Sara Naely: A Fashion Visionary with Unique Style


MODEL: SARA NAELY - @eclipsiva
PHOTOS: TITARSTAR - @titarstar

In the captivating world of fashion, where creative expression transcends boundaries, emerges a figure who has been making her mark as both a model and a designer. Sara Naely, with her captivating visage and versatile talent, graces the cover of the September edition of Hooks Magazine, titled "PARIS", embodying the essence of style and innovation.

Sara is much more than just a model or designer; she is a bold voice in the fashion industry, possessing a unique perspective on the world around her and how fashion can serve as a means of self-expression and empowerment.

Here, we delve into the fascinating world of Sara Naely, exploring her vision of fashion, self-expression, and the impact of the industry on society. As we uncover her story and unique insights, it becomes evident that Sara is not merely a fashion figure; she is an inspiration to all who aspire to embrace their individuality and use fashion as a medium to express who they are and what they believe in.

Check out an exclusive interview:

1. Who are your main inspirations in the fashion world, and how do they influence your style?

Naomi Campbell
Naomi's looks have become a style reference and are still appreciated today, especially in '90s-inspired fashion. She's also a spokesperson for one of the biggest causes against inequality and racism, among many other issues within the fashion industry.
Livia Nunes
Livia's fashionable and designer looks are making her the newest Brazilian it girl. Since then, she's been gaining more and more success on the web, being considered a fashion icon of the new generation. I love how she can put together pieces and accessories to create a totally iconic and super fashionable look, which, in my view, suits her well because she feels very comfortable in bold yet authentic outfits. That's what I see about fashion; you create it!

2. Can you tell us about one of the most memorable outfits you've worn in your modeling career?

Without a doubt, a Versace dress with a baroque print that I wore in Vienna, Austria, caught a lot of attention from the public!

3. How did your journey in the world of fashion begin? What motivated you to pursue this career?

Since my childhood, I've always had a strong desire to be a fashion designer. I used to dress up my dolls, sketch outfits, and imagine and put together various costumes for fun family moments. Everyone around me encouraged me and said I had a talent for it! Additionally, my love for fashion design from a young age led me to participate in various projects and modeling jobs throughout Brazil. Years later, I sought professional fulfillment and enrolled in a fashion designer course. Shortly after, I pursued opportunities in Europe as both a designer and a model.

4. What fashion trends are you most excited to explore in the coming months?

"Quiet luxury" is, of course, extremely sophisticated. In this regard, the characteristics of a "Quiet Luxury" look, beyond the quality of the items, include timeless pieces, understated elegance, subtle accessories, and minimal branding. No more logo mania, which was in vogue in past seasons but is now making a comeback. I must confess that I'm very excited about this revival! I find it very chic to combine comfort and elegance in a simple way. This approach greatly appeals to those who have a keen fashion sense, as it doesn't overtly display a person's wealth and emphasizes investing in useful, long-lasting pieces.

5. When it comes to fashion, what is your number one piece of advice for standing out?

Above all else, what we wear tells the world who we are or who we aspire to be. Fashion has the power to change and give meaning to life due to its personal connection with each of us. We all need to wear clothes, and every piece we choose to wear represents a personal choice. You can also create your own style or even design your own clothing to contribute to diversity and make the world a unique place.

6. What clothing items or accessories are essential in your wardrobe?

A well-tailored piece and all-black items. I prefer basic accessories that serve as key elements to compose a great look with elegance and sophistication.

7. With social media playing a significant role in the fashion industry, how do you think it has changed the way people consume and engage with fashion?

With social media, fashion has become more democratic. Anyone can draw inspiration from looks and trends shared by others and create their own style. Additionally, independent brands have more room to showcase their products and build a loyal following. With the power of social media, brands have a greater responsibility regarding ethics and sustainability in their clothing production. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware and demanding in these areas, and brands must adapt to this new reality. As technology advances, it's possible that social fashion will become even more digital in the future. Augmented reality and artificial intelligence can be used to create increasingly personalized shopping experiences.

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Sep 06, 2023
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