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Selena Gomez Announces New Release: Rare Beauty's Find Comfort Body Line


Multifaceted pop star and entrepreneur Selena Gomez is once again surprising her fans with a highly anticipated release. This time, Rare Beauty is expanding its horizons beyond makeup, introducing the much-awaited Find Comfort body line.

Responding to fervent requests from her followers, Selena revealed that the new collection, named Find Comfort, addresses the desires of fans who have been longing for products that care for the body in the same delicate and inclusive way the brand attends to facial beauty.

The Find Comfort collection is a thoughtfully curated ensemble comprising four irresistible products: a scented mist, body lotion, hand lotion, and an innovative aromatherapy pen. Selena Gomez shared her vision, stating,

"We dedicated a lot of time to ensure that the collection truly represents our brand, focusing on soothing packaging colors, lightweight textures, and calming scents."

In an interview, the singer expressed the inspiration behind the line, saying,

"Our goal was to create an experience that helps people feel comfortable in their own skin and take a moment to find comfort."

The eagerly awaited collection will be available to customers in the United States starting on December 18, exclusively on the Sephora app. From the following day, the products will be accessible on both the Sephora and Rare Beauty official websites. For those who prefer the physical experience, the arrival in physical Sephora stores in the United States is set for December 26.


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