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Sevdaliza Releases "Alibi" with Pabllo Vittar and Yseult

Sevdaliza is back with a release that promises to capture hearts: "Alibi," her new single, is now available on all streaming platforms. The track features the special collaboration of Brazilian drag queen Pabllo Vittar and French singer Yseult, bringing a unique blend of cultures and sounds.

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Produced by Mathias Janmaat, "Alibi" stands out for its fusion of experimental electronics, Brazilian funk, and South American indigenous rhythms. The song also incorporates a sample from "Rosa" by the renowned Colombian artist Totó la Momposina, creating a musical bridge between different traditions and styles.

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The track is trilingual, featuring verses in English, Portuguese, and French, reflecting the cultural diversity of the involved artists. Sevdaliza, known for her innovative and emotive productions, joins forces with Vittar and Yseult to deliver a song that celebrates diversity and love.


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