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Thamyres Guimarães - Cover Indonesia Edition

Photo: @coffeelogin

Graphic design: @directorhooks

Thamyres is a Brazilian who made success happen in her life. She traveled the world modeling and showing her lifestyle on social media. But a project is not enough for her, the muse also plays as a DJ and makes vlogs for YouTube. Remembering that TG is now living in Bali Indonesia.

With so many projects, we decided to invite Thamyres to our international cover Indonesia special edition, and we also have an exclusive interview, which you can check out below.

1- What are your artistic inspirations?

My inspirations in the artistic world for me, is the mother of the kardashion to Chris, she is an intelligent woman, managed to make all her daughters, the most famous women in the world. I believe if it wasn't for her support, they wouldn't be as great as they are today. And in Brazil, I have some admirations and inspirations, now about the career of Dj marshmallow, David Guetta and sick music Dj.
But when I heard about Anitta's story, and saw her representing Brazil so well, I became a fan and admirer. Also my biggest admirations are my friends who are fighting for recognition and myself, because only I know my story and feeling in my skin what I did to get here, it wasn't easy.

2- Do you show on your social networks what the life of a foreigner is like in other countries, and join the fashion world in the posts, how was the construction of your audience? Did the people like it from the start?

So it's an audience that is still being built, I have to completely change audiences, before I had a rate of 91% male audience, now I have a rate of 60% male audience.

3- What are your next steps in life and career?

My next steps is to continue making vlogs for the channel, I can't manage my tiktok from outside, because they have a lot of rules and they always end up banning my accounts, I really wanted to enter a reality show that would be a door for me. So in the meantime I intend to play again, I just want to get into other musical styles, but of course I'll always allow myself. And keep modeling. Other than that, I have other deals in the pipeline that I'm testing, I don't want to talk about it yet.

4- Your talent for modeling is very clear, it is successful even with international magazines like Hooks, but is your focus to continue modeling? Tell more.

Yes because I love it, but I don't see it as a career, because I'm already 25 years old, I'm in the phase of testing new challenges. But I'm still grateful for the recognition as a model.

Liked? Check out Thamyres' daily life and lifestyle on her Instagram profile @tgguimaraes_


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