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The Craftsmanship Mastery in Dior's Summer 2025 Collection: A Tribute to Art and Tradition

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In this collection, Kim Jones, Artistic Director of Dior, delves deeply into the world of craftsmanship, celebrating the skills of artisans and the workshops that bring the Maison Dior to life. Inspired by renowned South African ceramist Hylton Nel, Jones creates a collection that is a true tribute to the works and legacy of individuals dedicated to their art. This new line reflects the idea of parallel paths between fashion and ceramics, uniting different life stories through their creations.

At the heart of the Dior Summer 2025 collection, we find craftsmanship and the texture of a life dedicated to creation. Jones explores the motifs and monumentality of Hylton Nel's works, combining the functionality of utilitarian style with the sophistication of haute couture. This meeting of practicality and elegance redefines contemporary luxury, bringing a new perspective to both men's and women's fashion.

The silhouettes presented are sculptural and practical, capturing the essence of ceramics both in form and finish. The collection blends the modest and the noble, reflecting the functionality of utilitarian style enhanced by the refined cut of archive pieces and the artisanal work of Dior's workshops. Tailoring and outerwear feature rounded volumes, lending a sensitive finish to pieces of a more straightforward nature.

One of the collection's great surprises is the reinvention of haute couture, inspired by an unpublished sketch by Yves Saint-Laurent for a coat from the Fall-Winter 1958 collection. This sketch serves as the basis for new creations, including the scarf collar motif, originating from another Saint-Laurent piece, "Negatif," from 1960. This ceramic structure, crafted by hand, took months to develop, highlighting Dior's commitment to excellence.

The collection's knits feature a sculptural form, adorned with cheerful patterns, prints, and ceramic closures, all echoing the world of Hylton Nel. Accessories, in turn, are both fun and practical. The collection highlights artisanal clogs, made from beechwood and calf leather, which transform into exclusive Derbys and biker boots, combining comfort and style.

The iconic Saddle bag, a symbol of Dior style for over 25 years, is reinterpreted in this collection. Its curvilinear contours appear in new silhouettes, with materials ranging from resilient canvas to raffia and leather. Cloche hats, handmade by local artisans in Cape Town and adorned with ceramic beads in Paris, symbolize the union of different workshops without hierarchy, valuing both the global and the local.

The Dior Summer 2025 collection is a celebration of the talent and dedication of artisans, uniting fashion, art, and tradition in a rich and inspiring narrative. With this line, Kim Jones not only pays homage to the history of Dior and its successors but also underscores the importance of craftsmanship and legacy in contemporary fashion.


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