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The New Era of Glamour: Alessandra Ambrosio Shines in Vizzano's Latest Campaign

In its latest campaign, "Be Vizzano, Be Yourself!", the brand teams up with the top model in a perfect blend of fashion, personal style, and commitment to sustainability.

Vizzano Campaign with Alessandra Ambrosio - photo Lufré (@lufreee)

Vizzano, renowned for its trendsetting DNA and its emphasis on sophistication in the footwear and accessories sector, launches its new campaign "Be Vizzano, Be Yourself," featuring none other than Alessandra Ambrosio. The Brazilian supermodel, universally recognized for her beauty and elegance — named one of the sexiest women on the planet and known for one of the most iconic catwalks on international runways — personifies the Made in Brazil ethos globally with her charisma and impressive career in fashion, embodying Vizzano's image this season. Ambrosio, with her multifaceted career as a model and actress, commitment to social causes, and as a mother of 15-year-old Anja Louise and 12-year-old Noah, epitomizes the glamorous and authentic physique du rôle, qualities inherently linked to the brand's history.

Vizzano Campaign with Alessandra Ambrosio - photo Lufré (@lufreee)

To envelop the visual narrative of the new season, which will lead the lifestyle, the sassy & classy attitude emerges as the central focus, highlighting the trilogy of style + personality + unique beauty of feminine essence in its plurality — set to expand across the country and over 100 countries, exporting not only fashion-forward codes that will astonish but also transmitting a legacy of empowerment redefined by the personal choices each #VizzanoLover makes daily, affirmed in street style. The campaign's setting, marked by the intense red impact, creates an intimate aura and infuses a touch of magnetic sensuality, embodying Vizzano's passion for the art of fashion and for creating pieces that resonate with the individuality of Venus' daughters.

Vizzano Campaign with Alessandra Ambrosio - photo Lufré (@lufreee)

The ambiance is dominated by an imposing staircase with modernist inspirations, serving as the real-life red carpet. It is in this space that Vizzano and Alessandra Ambrosio celebrate women, reaffirming each one's protagonism through self-expression, led by unexpectedly innovative dress codes that not only deliver bold transitions but also come with the premise of transforming the status quo of fashion! This absolute revamp in the season's visual identity brings minimalism, sexy of course, led by naked dresses, creating an optical play of hide and reveal. Strategically precise cutouts and textures, such as draping, add unprecedented dimensions to the pieces, opening up space for original experimentation with stilettos, kitten heels, sneakers, and buckle sandals.

Vizzano Campaign with Alessandra Ambrosio - photo Lufré (@lufreee)

Simultaneously, the collaboration becomes even more engaging with the crossover of beachwear elements, such as bodysuits and hot pants, now transported from resorts — symbolized in the photos and fashion film by the water mirror — to be incorporated into the urban closet and mixed with tailored items. This provides a reinterpretation of the athleisure trend, elevating the cool appeal. Completed by the brand's line of bags — with shapes that exude contemporaneity and sporty constructions — like sneakers, or by delicate strappy sandals with slim heels, but never sacrificing the experience of comfort at any height, underline Vizzano's design expertise.

Vizzano Campaign with Alessandra Ambrosio - photo Lufré (@lufreee)

And finally, the chosen color palette has a direct and immediate connection to sustainability. Vizzano, internationally certified with the Origem Sustentável seal, extends its eco-responsible ethos to mainstream fashion by prioritizing enduring shades—nude, black, camel, red, off-white, blue, silver, and gold, from head to toe. The mystique of timelessness even appears in Alessandra's makeup and hair, reinforcing the brand's statement that conscious fashion is a path without return.


Creative Direction: Viddo Art (@viddoart)

Photo: Lufré (@lufreee)

Video: Carlos Queirozi (@carlosqueirozi)

Styling: Rita Lazzarotti (@ritalazzarotti)

Beauty: Henrique Martins (@henriquem85)

Treatment: Tile (@telharetouch)

Nail Design: Dulce Heinrich (@dulceheinrich)

Art Direction: Ana Arietti (@anaarietti)

Production: 13th Productions (@13thprod)



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