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Tom Ford - #MFW Day 2 revealing the new Women’s Fall/Winter 24-25 collection

Exploring the Boundaries of Elegance: Peter Hawkings' Second Collection for Tom Ford

Photos disclosure Milan Fashion Week

Today, we embark on a journey of sophistication and sensuality with the latest collection from Tom Ford, crafted by the talented creative director Peter Hawkings. With a fusion of jet-setting, powerful tailoring, and a touch of boldness, Hawkings redefines the concept of modern luxury.

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The collection is a parade of stunning looks, where black coats adorned with golden buttons mingle with monochromatic suits, jackets, and sparkles, all meticulously shaped by Hawkings' bold vision. The designer skillfully incorporates traditional brand references and adds a dash of attitude to each piece, resulting in a truly striking aesthetic.

Tailoring takes center stage in the collection, evoking a 1970s aura in line with the glamorous elegance perpetuated by Ford throughout his career.


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