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Tribute to Surrealism: Schiaparelli's Spring-Summer 2024 Collection

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Creative director Daniel Roseberry brings laughter, surrealism, and a dash of madness to the runway in his latest ready-to-wear collection for Schiaparelli at Paris Fashion Week.

In 1927, Elsa Schiaparelli founded her maison and understood the power of humor. She weaved the threads of everyday life through the eye of creativity, crafting clothing that was both armor and art, ordinary yet extraordinary. Today, Daniel Roseberry carries on this legacy with reverence, infusing each collection with Schiaparelli's spirit, her whimsy, and her willingness to push boundaries.

Roseberry's playground for this season was the Hôtel de Boisgelin, an Italian embassy on Paris's Rue de Varenne. Here, he set his creations in dialogue with the surroundings, creating a nod to Schiaparelli's heritage. Guests entered an equable world painted in 18th-century fashion, where Greco-Roman figures and the Commedia dell'Arte adorned the walls. Then, they met the inhabitants, dressed out of time, with raffia-embroidered collars that defied gravity and cream knitwear resembling hollow rib cages.

Elsa Schiaparelli brought surrealism to life almost a century ago, and under Daniel Roseberry's guidance, the house of Schiaparelli continues to enchant the fashion world. Roseberry's reverence for Schiaparelli's madness shines through each collection, drawing new fans into her legacy. With Spring/Summer 2024, he carries forward this whimsical mission.

The body remains a muse, with anatomical ribcages teasing knitted sets and eyes and ears making unexpected appearances. Roseberry pays homage to Schiaparelli's iconic lobster dress with lobster totems scattered throughout the collection. The bold use of blood orange further punctuates the surrealism.

Towards the end, a masterpiece graces the runway. A canvas gown adorned with loose cigarettes, nail polish, jewels, and a zippo lighter tells a story of a bustling soiree. It's a testament to Roseberry's creative purity, prompting us to question why couture magic can't spill over into everyday life.

In Daniel Roseberry's hands, Schiaparelli's legacy lives on, marrying humor, surrealism, and fashion in an unforgettable symphony of creativity.



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