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Viral Beauty Trends: Find out what's trending in beauty on social media

Expert points out tricks that have become a trend on the platform and explains how to incorporate them into your daily routine.

Another day, another trend on social media. With millions of views and content creators, TikTok has proven to be a significant creative environment for various fields, and a true trend factory when it comes to the world of fashion and beauty.

Whether through product reviews, get-ready-with-me videos, makeup tutorials, or hacks, the online beauty community has carved out its space in the fashion world, attracting prominent figures from the global beauty industry.

Expert Lorenna Hainfellner from the Walter's Coiffeur network has highlighted a few trends that have gone viral on the platform, along with valuable tips for those who want to embrace these trends.

Latte Makeup

Photo Pinterest

The latest beauty trend to emerge on social media is "Latte Makeup." It's a beauty trend that can transition from summer to fall, featuring makeup in primarily warm and brown tones. "Key products for this look include: a tinted moisturizer for the base, illuminating concealer to cover additional spots, well-blended cream contour for sculpting the face, brown eyeliner for a subtle smoky effect, brown eyeshadow for enhanced eye definition, a touch of shimmer on the inner eyelids, and a nude lip with gloss. Regardless of skill level, latte makeup is a simple yet professionally-worthy beauty look that will be everywhere."

Diamond Lips

Photo Pinterest

The diamond lips technique, is the new favorite among the online beauty community. This technique involves applying a shimmering product to the cupid's bow and the center of the lower lip, blending it into the mouth. "For this, you can use a highlighter or an eyeshadow, preferably in illuminated or metallic silver tones," suggests the expert. To finish, line the rest of the lips with a nude lip liner and apply a clear gloss, which should be the final step. "The shiny focal point in the center of the lips creates the illusion of volume, while the lip liner provides definition, and together they make the perfect combo to make the lips appear fuller. The gloss adds even more glow and finish to the look."

Brown Lip Contour

Photo: Gigi Hadid - Photo by Steve Granitz in Getty Images

Dubbed as "brownie glazed lips," this trend has been widely observed on celebrities like Hailey Bieber. However, it has been a staple in Black culture since the 1990s, with stars like Aaliyah and Naomi Campbell rocking brown lips. How about using an eyebrow pencil as a lip liner? "Simply use a brown eyebrow pencil to outline the lips. You can extend the outline slightly beyond your natural lip line to simulate fuller lips. But be careful not to overdo it with a smudged or fake effect. Then, apply a clear gloss on top."

Ombré Concealer

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The new ombré concealer trend has taken over social media, featuring a technique that promises a gradient color result. "Simply take a very light shade of concealer and apply it to the inner corner of your eye. Then, apply a slightly darker shade of concealer next to it, moving towards the outer corner of the eye. Apply a peach-toned concealer alongside that and finish the outer corner of the eye with a touch of bright pink blush. Then, blend everything together, being careful not to completely mix the colors," emphasizes Lorenna.

Adhesive Tape for Eyeliner

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The cat-eye eyeliner is the favorite when it comes to enhancing your look and emphasizing your eyes. However, achieving the perfect and symmetrical line can be a significant challenge during makeup application. That's why adhesive tape has become a major ally in makeup trends. "Cut a piece of adhesive tape and stick it to your hand to remove excess glue and avoid hurting the sensitive eye area. Then, position the tape at the outer corner of your eye, following the line of your lower lashes towards the end of your eyebrow. Now, simply draw the eyeliner and connect it to the rest of your eyelid. Once done, remove the tape, and you'll have a perfectly straight line."

But the use of tape doesn't stop there. It also helps in the case of a misplaced line. "If you've made a mistake with your eyeliner, simply place the tape on the line and peel it off. The mistake will come off along with the tape."


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