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Vivara presents Christmas collection with Gisele Bündchen

In a new campaign, the jewelry brand encourages year-end celebrations.

Photos courtesy VIVARA

To celebrate the year-end festivities, Vivara brings its ambassador, Gisele Bündchen, with a new perspective by proposing something unusual for both jewelry brands and the supermodel: a campaign full of storytelling and, at the same time, relaxed. In this campaign, Gisele plays the hostess of a grand year-end celebration.

Vivara Celebration - the name given to the campaign video - is divided into 5 acts that depict the preparation of the party, the cocktail and dinner moment, the exchange of Vivara gifts, and finally, a choreographed dance with steps reminiscent of the new era of TikTok content.

Wearing outfits with cutouts - a highlight from international runways - the model gives prominence to Vivara's new jewelry as ideal options for Christmas gifts. From diamond-studded designs and options inspired by the chain trend to jewelry with pearls and blue-colored stones, the largest jewelry chain in Latin America brings diversity to its releases, catering to all types of styles.

The new releases are already available in Vivara's stores and e-commerce.


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