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Yves Saint Laurent Beauty presents LIBRE L’ABSOLU PLATINE: Absolute Intensity in a Bottle

Combining the freshness of white lavender and the sensuality of orange blossom, the new fragrance is a bold evolution of LIBRE Eau de Parfum.

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Inspired by the brand's motto "Tout, mais terriblement" (everything, but to the extreme), this bold new creation by master perfumers Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaïm intensifies the characteristic tension of LIBRE Eau de Parfum between masculine and feminine, cold and warm, strength and thrill. With a new original accord, white lavender, exclusively developed for LIBRE L’ABSOLU PLATINE, it adds a unique dimension to the fragrance.

Personified by singer and ambassador Dua Lipa, LIBRE L'ABSOLU PLATINE is a bold and seductive statement that encapsulates the essence of the free woman. "Among the variations we explored around LIBRE, it was time for lavender to have its own spotlight. In a mirrored contrast, the masculine becomes ultra-feminine, and the orange blossom reveals all its sensuality," says Anne. An icy freshness is introduced to the new accord with a touch of aldehydes, naturally derived from the aromatic plant known as polygonum. This note, combined with the citrus vivacity of bergamot and mandarin, brings an intriguing, silvery, and audacious opening.

Top Notes: Aldehydes, bergamot, and mandarin

Heart Notes: Orange blossom, lavender, and white lavender

Base Notes: Vanilla and amber


With a haute couture touch in a classic style, LIBRE L’ABSOLU PLATINE was developed with high-quality materials specially selected by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. In this custom-made line, the fragrance's key natural ingredients were deconstructed and reconstructed with advanced techniques, also aligned with the sustainable concept of extraction and fair remuneration, to extract the best from each note, thus creating a unique and intense essence.


The Diva Lavender Heart is grown in low mountain areas of Provence (France). Of sustainable origin, this ingredient is part of a program that aims to promote the return of lavender plantations in France. The stem and flower are first steam distilled, producing a 100% natural essential oil. The oil is then fractionated with CO2, a process that allows perfumers to eliminate less desirable and more masculine facets to gather only the most beautiful fractions. The Diva Lavender Heart, a fresher and more floral expression of the essence, is crafted for Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.


Lavandin—a hybrid of two wild lavenders—is one of the largest perfume crops in France. The quality used in LIBRE is sustainably sourced, with the goal of improving farmers' income by ensuring a fair price and guaranteeing stable prices in the long term. Here, only the floral top is used. To preserve its vibrant freshness, the flowers are steam distilled, then deconstructed by molecular distillation and reassembled into a "heart." The particular quality resulting from this process was created for Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.


Hand-pollinated on the day it blooms, the vanilla flower produces green pods that must be harvested while still ripe and dried for six months to develop their aroma. The premium infusion, crafted for the house, is obtained through cutting-edge extraction technology, which preserves the full and rich aroma of the pod. Powerful and textured, this infusion captures a unique effect of mature vanilla with balsamic tones. Premium Vanilla Bourbon Infusion is sustainably sourced in Madagascar through a community program.


Created by Suzanne Dalton, the iconic LIBRE bottle becomes even more precious, adorned with a platinum silver finish. Its mercury-like sheen contrasts with the delicate lines of the glass. Against the silver background, the oversized horizontal gold Cassandra appears even more radiant. Shaped to follow the sharp angle of the packaging and fixed to the glass—a feat of engineering—the Cassandra shines like a haute couture jewel.

In a seductive detail, a V-shaped glass cutout highlights the Y's neckline, creating a deep incision in the geometric packaging, as refined as a custom-made YSL tuxedo, intensifying the brilliance of the platinum finish. Adding an asymmetric haute couture touch, the tilted black cap that adorns the packaging highlights the elegant golden chain that wraps around it. This design element references the YSL woman who values her freedom, allowing chains in her style as long as they do not restrict her freedom, and especially if they are golden.


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