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Remodeling Matter, Rematerializing Form

Photos courtesy ZEGNA

"As a physical location and a mindset, Oasi Zegna, the center of our world, is a true laboratory: a place where we can tirelessly explore new fabrications, develop novel forms, and conceive clothing solutions tailored to the present. Here, we experiment with the finest natural fibers and dyes, decoding functions and recoding lines to create an open system of elements that liberates personal interpretation. We do this in a constant pursuit of beauty and excellence, with a responsible commitment to the environment, following a comprehensive idea of fashion as transformation: of fabrics, colors, silhouettes." - Alessandro Sartori, Artistic Director of ZEGNA.

At the Oasi laboratory, there is a remodeling of matter and a rematerialization of forms, allowing for an organic evolution that grows and transforms season after season. 'Cashmere' is the chosen fiber for winter: for its versatility, preciousness, traceability; for its propensity to be transformed into a wide variety of textures and surfaces. The pieces also evolve. They undergo a profound restructuring that, by grouping elements into four categories, eliminates unnecessary distinctions, expanding the possibilities of use and the meaning of each piece. Tops, bottoms, intimates, and accessories are the categories worked on by ZEGNA. The collection is an open system, composed of elements that can be overlaid and combined in various ways, allowing the individual user's attitude to be expressed through personal style.

An idea of transformation emerges, from material to color, while freedom and instinct take center stage as forces that shape style with ease. Forms evolve from existing ones, are overlaid, gain generous volumes and practical pockets, loose sleeves or collars, receive flaps, closures, drawstrings. Versatility is resolved through careful editing and striking details in pieces that allow for multiple uses. Voluminous coats, pullovers, vests, double-collar blazers, collarless anoraks, the new "Il Conte" jacket, and generous pants. Knit pieces for the top and bottom have presence and performance. Overlapping shirts and broad jackets with carefully positioned pockets suggest not only functionality but also a variety of postures and body attitudes. Knit sweaters and quilted pieces are meant to be worn as outerwear. Long knit gloves, bridgeless glasses, round-toe boots with ton sur ton rubber soles, the newly created Triple StitchTM, and soft, elegantly designed bags complete the looks.


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