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Balenciaga Weaves Tradition with Modern Flair in Latest Couture Collection

Photos Courtesy Balenciaga

A soothing guided meditation, instructing the audience to "take a deep breath" and "think of your favorite color," set a calm backdrop against which Balenciaga's richly detailed couture creations emerged. The contrast between the meditative atmosphere and the opulent, intricate designs highlighted the unique vision of Demna for the A/W24 collection.

Demna described his latest work as, "This couture collection is a tribute to subculture dress codes as important influences of my fashion vocabulary." He continued, "The closing look, a bundled-up black nylon dress, is made from 47 meters of fabric that are wrapped directly on the body, and destined to be only worn once."

The runway saw ordinary materials transformed into extraordinary pieces. Faux fur coats crafted from synthetic hair and dresses molded from melted plastic bags stood out, embodying Demna's vision of fashion as an art form. A striking closing look featured a black nylon dress made from 47 meters of fabric, meticulously wrapped around the body, emphasizing the collection's ephemeral beauty. "Destined to be only worn once," Demna noted of this unique piece.

Demna's homage to Balenciaga’s legacy was evident throughout. The collection included ball gowns created by tying together old pieces, reflecting the house's storied past while embracing contemporary styles. The cocoon shapes, 3/4 length sleeves, and extravagant headwear transformed the runway into a celebration of both tradition and modernity.


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