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Davide Renne: The New Creative Director of Moschino

Photo Disclosure MOSCHINO

Davide Renne takes on the role of Creative Director for the prestigious Italian brand Moschino, as announced by Aeffe this morning. With roots in Tuscany and an education at Polimoda in Florence, Renne was widely regarded as the favorite candidate for the position. At 46, he brings with him a wealth of experience, having previously served as the head of women's fashion design at Gucci. His journey includes a four-year collaboration with designer Alessandro Dell'Acqua.

Massimo Ferretti, CEO of Aeffe, praises Renne's sophisticated vision and his ability to engage in a vibrant dialogue with the world around him. Meanwhile, Renne expresses deep admiration for the house's founder, Franco Moschino, extolling the modern concept of luxury he created, which still resonates today: "Franco Moschino taught us that fashion cannot be explained, only lived."

The highly anticipated first collection by David Renne for Moschino is scheduled for February 2024 during Milan Fashion Week, promising to continue the brand's irreverent and innovative legacy.


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