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Erika Schneider: The Future of Fashion in a Singular Personality


Erika Schneider for Hooks Magazine

PH: @photzmuller

Beauty: @joaocerqueiramakeup

Styling: @joaoproduction_

Advisor : @kaiocezzar_

Fashion Video: @vitaoteaser

Design Director: @mathlopes

Influencer Erika Schneider, graces the cover of the 'FASHION' edition of Hooks Magazine, bringing a unique and inspiring perspective on the fashion world. In an exclusive interview, Erika shared her experiences and insights, revealing a deep and evolving relationship with the fashion industry.

The shoot for Hooks showcases the influencer's most fashionable side, highlighting a sensual and modern aesthetic. Erika chose an urban approach with a futuristic touch, demonstrating how fashion can be versatile and expressive. "It was wonderful," she says about the experience, highlighting the excellent work of the production team. This shoot reflects her good taste and ability to incorporate different elements into her visual compositions.

Over the years, Erika has developed an intimate and informed relationship with fashion. She understands that fashion goes beyond merely acquiring clothes; it is a form of expression and a cultural, historical, and economic phenomenon. By participating in fashion weeks around the world, she has realized how these events reflect the particularities of each place, something she is eager to share with her followers.

Erika Schneider for Hooks Magazine

Her personal style, widely praised, is an extension of her life philosophy. For Erika, style isn't just about clothes, but about all the choices we make, from the music we listen to, to the places we visit. "The look is just a reflection of all that," she states, encouraging her followers to seek authenticity and dress according to what they want to convey each day.

Among all the pieces and accessories from the magazine shoot, Erika highlights her preference for a particular pair of boots. "They convey a very fashion-forward style," she comments, emphasizing the importance of creating combinations that are in harmony with the environment.

Exclusive Interview:

1. Erika, your latest fashion shoot was a huge success. What did you enjoy most about this experience and how was it working with the production team?

It was wonderful. We opted for a sensual and fashionable vibe. Fashion allows for that. In fact, fashion allows for almost anything. It was a very tasteful shoot, very urban with a slight futuristic touch.

Erika Schneider for Hooks Magazine

2. Fashion has always been a great passion of yours. How would you describe your relationship with fashion over the years and how has it evolved?

I started to research more and understand the context of fashion. It’s not just about buying clothes. It’s a vector of expression and economic, historical, anthropological, and cultural transformation. I've been learning more and more and want to share this with my followers. For example, fashion weeks—I've had the opportunity to participate in several—and each country’s is different. They are a reflection of each place.

Erika Schneider for Hooks Magazine

3. Your style in the shoot was highly praised. Where do you draw inspiration from to compose your looks and how do you define your personal style?

I've always enjoyed talking about style. It’s not just about clothes. Style is how we communicate through our choices, whether it’s a song, an outing. I believe the look is just a reflection of all that. The important thing is not to follow what’s trending but to choose what suits you and what you want to convey each day.

4. What were the main challenges you faced during the production of this shoot and how did you overcome them?

I didn’t face any obstacles. On the contrary, I love participating in tasteful shoots.

Erika Schneider for Hooks Magazine

5. Do you believe that fashion has the power to influence and empower people? How do you use your platform to promote this idea among your followers?

Fashion is all about empowerment. When we wear something that doesn’t suit us, it affects our behavior and self-esteem. I aim to convey to my followers that they should feel free to choose what they like to wear, to make good combinations that reinforce their style and uniqueness.
Erika Schneider for Hooks Magazine

6. Finally, what is your favorite piece of clothing or accessory from the photoshoot and why? Is there a special story behind this choice?

I loved all of them, especially the boots. They convey a very fashionable style. To wear them, you need to create combinations that also harmonize with the environment.

Erika Schneider for Hooks Magazine


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