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From Catwalks to Products: How Viviane Bordin Revolutionized Fashion and Wellness


Viviane Bordin for Hooks Magazine

Photos: Leandro Muller

Design Director Hooks: Matheus Lopes

Our Business Woman highlight goes to Viviane Bordin, a renowned international model, influencer, and successful entrepreneur. With an impressive career spanning over two decades, Viviane not only shines as a model but also stands out as a visionary entrepreneur.

From the beginning of her journey at the age of 18, Viviane has clinched prestigious titles such as Miss Paraná and has been featured in renowned magazines like VIP, PLAYBOY, and MAXIM. However, her trajectory goes beyond the catwalks and magazine covers.

Married and a mother of twins, Viviane masterfully balances her personal and professional life, prioritizing quality time with her family. Her dedication to her family is an essential part of who she is, reflecting in her careful and compassionate approach to business.

As an entrepreneur, Viviane is the mind behind successful ventures like the digital magazine Diamond, the platform Only Diamonds, and the online stores Viviane Bordin Store, operating both in Brazil and the USA. Her ventures reflect her values of innovation, quality, and commitment to excellence.

In an exclusive interview, Viviane shares her journey from model to entrepreneur, emphasizing the importance of determination, commitment, and respect in pursuing success. Her business vision goes beyond the conventional, encompassing new markets and challenging paradigms.

Furthermore, Viviane has expanded her reach into the health and wellness market, launching Playbody, a slimming capsule, and her workout e-book. Her commitment to a healthy lifestyle and her passion for offering quality products are evident in every initiative she undertakes.

Viviane Bordin for Hooks Magazine

Check out the full interview with Viviane Bordin:

1-Viviane, you've built an impressive career as both a model and an entrepreneur. How was the transition from model to businesswoman, and what motivated you to create your own ventures?

"The modeling career tends to be short, so the transition is necessary. From the beginning, I was very concerned about entrepreneurship and securing my future. When you have focus and goals, it becomes easier because you know where you want to go, and that's how it happened. The motivation comes from experience and knowledge about the 'said' job market."

Viviane Bordin for Hooks Magazine

2- You're the founder of the digital magazine Diamond, the platform Only Diamonds, and the online stores Viviane Bordin Store. How do these ventures reflect your values and vision for the market?

"The digital market has grown and transformed very quickly. We had to keep up with this evolution to achieve plausible results, and that's how it happened. Since I was already working in the sensual market and noticed that Brazil lacked magazines in this segment, especially after Playboy announced its closure in Brazil and in some other countries like Europe, for example. The same goes for Onlydiamonds, as many Brazilians don't have access to an international credit card and couldn't subscribe to OnlyFans, the world's number one paid content platform. As for the online stores, it's needless to say that the ease of online shopping makes people less hesitant to buy. The world has become digital, and we had to keep up in the same proportion. Addressing the market's needs, agility, and customer attention regardless of the segment."

Viviane Bordin for Hooks Magazine

3- In 2022, you sold the Diamond Group, which includes Diamond Brazil magazine. What were the main challenges and lessons learned from this transition?

"In fact, when I sold the platforms, I had already overcome the challenges. I had expanded the magazine to Europe and the USA. I moved with my family to the USA to closely follow this expansion. I really had giant plans for Diamond Brazil, but in a tempting proposal and, speaking in terms of numbers $$, I didn't hesitate to sell and turn the page on the sensual market in my life. I have vast experience, but it's over. All my gratitude to this experience, which made me grow even more. Today, I have, I can say, KNOW-HOW to work with e-commerce, whatever it may be."

Viviane Bordin for Hooks Magazine

4- In addition to the mentioned ventures, you also launched Playbody, a slimming capsule, and your workout e-book. How was the process of developing these products, and what is your goal in expanding your presence into the health and wellness market?

"Exactly, I'm passionate about a healthy lifestyle. It's a part of me and my daily routine, so the desire to work in this field came strong. I tested several products in the USA and was amazed by the results. Thus, I brought exclusive formulas with incredible and positive results to Brazil. The workout e-book, which includes suggestions for healthy eating, came to complete the package: exercise and nutrition combined with supplementation, in this case, slimming capsules for weight loss, well-being, and longevity."

Viviane Bordin for Hooks Magazine

5- With the success of Diamond Brazil in Brazil and the expansion to the United States in 2022, how do you see the future of the adult content industry and what are your plans to continue innovating in this market?

"The adult content industry, the famous 'black niche', has no end! Just some transitions and significant changes in the way to sell this product. It's a big challenge due to the networks that increasingly complicate the media around the sale of this material. To get involved in such a project, you really need a lot of experience and patience. So much so that I have no more plans for this market! It's a closed chapter in my life! My focus is on health and wellness products."

Viviane Bordin for Hooks Magazine

6- Your career is marked by a differentiated and respectful approach to female sensuality. How do you balance this representation with your business vision?

"I faced several challenges, but I always saw them as positive elements for my career and the growth of my group. I positioned myself where I was practically the only woman in a market dominated by men. The key to achieving my goals was determination, commitment, organization, and respect for the profession. Undoubtedly, with these principles, I managed to be respected and recognized professionally, built a solid career, and carved out my space."

Viviane Bordin for Hooks Magazine

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