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Glauber Bassi: Celebrating 28 Years of Capturing the Fashion Legacy


Glauber Bassi for Hooks Magazine

Photos: Thiago Arleo - @Thiagoarleo

As the fashion industry evolves, certain individuals leave a mark in time. Glauber Bassi, a renowned fashion photographer born in São Paulo, Brazil, and raised in Caçapava, is one of those standout figures.

With a career spanning 28 years, Bassi has not only witnessed the transformation of fashion photography but has also played a crucial role in shaping its narrative.

Growing up in an environment steeped in photography, with his father being a wedding photographer, Bassi discovered his passion for image creation from a young age. His childhood was marked by the magic of capturing moments and a fascination with analog techniques. At the age of 14, he began his professional journey, working alongside his father. Years later, fueled by an insatiable curiosity for the art of photography, he obtained a degree in Advertising from UNITAU, Universidade de Taubaté, SP.

This paved the way for his international endeavors, leading him to the prestigious European Institute of Design in Milan, where he specialized in Fashion Photography and has resided for 25 years.

Glauber and his father - Personal archive photo

Bassi's illustrious career has seen him collaborate with renowned publications, solidifying his reputation as a visionary in the world of fashion photography. His distinctive style and unparalleled creativity have earned him praise and admiration from colleagues and enthusiasts alike.

In celebration of his remarkable journey and contributions to the industry, Hooks Magazine proudly presents Glauber Bassi as the cover star of its "LEGACY" edition. This special edition pays tribute to individuals who have left a lasting legacy in their respective fields, and Bassi's 28-year career is a testament to his enduring influence in fashion photography.

In an exclusive interview with Hooks Magazine, Bassi reflects on his journey from his formative years in Brazil to his international recognition as a fashion photographer.

Interview with Glauber Bassi:

1. How was your journey growing up in a photographic environment from childhood to becoming a renowned fashion photographer?

Since childhood, I was immersed in the world of photography, as my father was a photographer, where every click was an opportunity to create magic. As I grew up, my toys were the film rolls my father developed, but my vision went beyond that. I always dreamed of exploring the endless possibilities of photography, of turning moments into works of art. After completing my degree in advertising at Unitau, I decided it was time to follow my heart and take a leap into the unknown. Thus, I embarked on a journey to Europe, where I enrolled at the renowned IED Institute to specialize in fashion photography.

2. What was the role of your Advertising degree from UNITAU and your experience at the European Institute of Design in Milan in your evolution as a fashion photographer?

I consider all education valuable. I chose to major in Advertising and Propaganda because, at the time, there were no specific photography courses in the Vale do Paraíba region. From then on, I directed my focus towards advertising photography. In my Final Course Project (TCC), I explored imagery in gastronomy, developing visual identity and producing photographs for a pasta company. Even in the field of Advertising and Propaganda, my attention was always drawn to photography.
Upon arriving in Milan to study at the European Institute of Design (IED), I realized I already had a solid foundation, which allowed me to interact significantly with my professors. Many of the professors recognized my experience and said I could just show up on exam day. Coming from previous professional experience in photography and with studies in advertising with renowned clients and magazine cover publications, my motivation to obtain the diploma was more of a formality than a quest for knowledge because, despite expectations, I found that much of the content offered by the European Institute of Design was already entirely familiar to me.

3. Throughout your 28-year career, what were the most memorable moments or projects that inspired you the most?

Over these 28 years, I've had the opportunity to photograph a wide variety of subjects. As I mentioned earlier, I've even had experiences photographing unusual situations, such as documenting funeral scenes. I sincerely believe that every job, regardless of its nature, is a constant source of learning and personal growth. Each project has contributed significantly to my journey, reflecting the specific contexts and demands of its time. It's worth highlighting my collaboration with the Gazeta Regional newspaper, where I had the chance to refine my photographic skills.
Each experience carries with it a unique baggage, enriching our perspective and continually inspiring us. When I recall the most memorable moments, I highlight my decision to leave São Paulo/Caçapava to study in Milan. It was a significant step, marked by the temporary separation from my family and loved ones, in search of knowledge in a country where the language and customs were completely new to me.
Undoubtedly, one of the most significant projects for me is Black Soul. This project not only reflects my passion for photography but also represents my artistic identity.

4. How do you view the current landscape of fashion photography, and what are the main challenges that photographers face today?

In photography, I often reflect on the changes I've witnessed over time, from the transition from analog to digital to the evolution into the era of artificial intelligence. I believe that a standout fashion photographer must be able to produce impactful images and stay constantly updated with market trends. Nowadays, artificial intelligence plays a significant role in creating high-impact campaigns, optimizing my time and offering new creative possibilities. The photography landscape is constantly evolving, and professionals need to stay alert to innovations to avoid being left behind.

5. What is it like to collaborate with major publications like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Hooks International? Is there an interesting story you can share about one of your collaborations?

It's always gratifying to see your work, your artwork, in major magazines. It's incredible feedback because your image gets featured in a prestigious showcase. I believe every professional aspires to have their creations published in renowned magazines, and when it happens, it's an indescribable feeling of accomplishment.
Moreover, throughout my career, we've experienced funny and unexpected moments. I remember several occasions when our luggage got lost at airports, bringing unexpected challenges. Another memorable episode occurred during a campaign at Lake Como here in Italy when, as I was about to eat a tomato, I accidentally ended up staining the model's clothes, and it was a unique piece.

6. How do you define your legacy in the world of fashion and photography, and what are your plans and aspirations for the next years of your career?

The idea of leaving a legacy through the courses I teach is extremely gratifying to me. Over time, I've realized the need to offer a dynamic and practical approach for professionals seeking to learn. Now, by sharing my knowledge with my students, I feel honored to assist them on their journey. The true legacy lies in the lives I impact and the professionals I train. Seeing some of my former students working alongside me is tangible proof of this legacy in the making. I hope to continue inspiring and empowering others through workshops, online courses, and even future publications. Thus, my legacy will be perpetuated through shared knowledge and the lives I positively influence.

Glauber specializes in capturing the essence of celebrities in his photography. Check out some of his works with famous personalities below:


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