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Ilana Motta: The Influencer Redefining Lifestyle in Hooks Magazine


Ilana Motta

Photographer: VITOR BRÜGGER - @vitorbrugger

Videomaker: @bernardoneubarth

Looks: @bf.closet

Ilana Motta, the influencer and content creator, graces the cover of Hooks Magazine's "LIFESTYLE" edition. Known for her career as a singer and MC, Ilana has now reinvented herself as a mother and entrepreneur, inspiring her followers with her journey of overcoming obstacles and dedication. In an exclusive interview, Ilana shared the challenges and lessons from her professional and personal transition, revealing how motherhood and her new passions have shaped her life.

Ilana's transition from music to the world of business and motherhood was a gradual process. Initially focused on her musical career, she faced challenges such as abusive contracts and frustrations with managers. However, these experiences were crucial in shaping the person she is today. Over time, Ilana began to identify with new interests and aspirations, leading her to explore different paths.

Ilana Motta

Balancing motherhood with her new priorities has been one of Ilana's greatest challenges. She discovered that time seemed to pass more quickly and that planning became essential to manage her multiple responsibilities. Motherhood transformed her, giving her a new perspective and clear objectives. Ilana used her nine months of pregnancy to meticulously plan her activities, ensuring she could be a present mother while pursuing her professional projects.

Ilana also decided to invest in the hair industry, inspired by her mother’s profession as a hairdresser. Witnessing the positive impact her mother had on women's self-esteem, Ilana felt motivated to follow in her footsteps. She launched a hair extensions business, collaborating with her mother and taking this opportunity to diversify her activities without becoming overwhelmed.

Gisele Bündchen is a major inspiration for Ilana. She admires how Gisele, a Brazilian woman, has gained immense respect in the fashion world. Ilana recognizes that the fashion industry extends far beyond runways and studios, encompassing a wide range of growing sectors. She is determined to pursue a long and prosperous career in fashion, continuously studying and gaining knowledge to excel.

Ilana Motta

Want to know more about Ilana? Check out the exclusive interview below:

1: Ilana, how would you describe the transition from your career as a singer and MC to your new phase as a mother and entrepreneur?

I've always loved music, but I faced frustrations along the way with managers and abusive contracts. But today I understand that everything was necessary for the person I have become. The transition happened over time, as I started identifying with other things I wanted to do.

2: What were the biggest challenges and lessons you encountered while balancing motherhood with your new priorities and ventures?

Time seems to be passing very quickly, and it feels short, but nothing is impossible when you have determination. I like to plan things out and organize everything before executing; motherhood transformed me into a woman and mother with goals that I won’t put off until tomorrow what I can start today. During my nine months of pregnancy, I planned everything I’m doing now and I’m happy to see everything working out as I had envisioned. It’s not easy being a present mother in my son’s life while carrying out all my professional plans, but I feel more fulfilled by being able to manage everything.

Ilana Motta

3: How did the arrival of your son influence your decision to dedicate yourself to new projects and prioritize your passions, such as fashion and social media?

The arrival of my son brought a great purpose to my life. I used to put obstacles in everything I wanted to start and always left things for later. When my son was born, I thought, "I managed to get through childbirth"; now I'm not afraid of anything anymore, no one can hold me back, I just needed that little push to become stronger and more courageous. I'm in a new phase with more maturity and many ideas for creating content, studying hard to share all the knowledge I'm acquiring with other women.

4: Could you tell us more about your interest in the hair industry and how you decided to invest in this sector?

I am the daughter of a hairdresser, and I find my mother's profession beautiful and admirable. When I see women thrilled to renew their self-esteem, I feel honored by the excellent professional she has become. So I decided to invest in hair extensions and collaborate with my mother, who has always been my greatest partner in life. At the same time, I have the freedom to dedicate myself to other projects and balance social media without feeling too overwhelmed.

Ilana Motta

5: How do you view the importance of sharing moments of your life on social media and how does it contribute to your new professional and personal phase?

You know when someone goes to therapy? That's how I feel. I like to share my life and show everything that happens in my "normal" life. It's funny when I meet people who remember things that happened that I don't even recall anymore. People who say, "I have fun with your videos, you're funny, you brightened my day." This makes me feel good because my nature is to conquer and entertain someone, which fulfills me as a person. Professionally, I'm working on my identity, gaining partnerships, and securing work within the content I want to share. This includes motherhood, fashion, and entrepreneurship, showing that we women can be whatever we want.

Ilana Motta

6: What are your biggest inspirations in the fashion world and how do you incorporate these influences into your daily life and business?

My greatest inspiration is Gisele Bündchen; it's beautiful to see a woman from Brazil so respected in the fashion world. When people hear about fashion, they often only think of runways and studios, but the market goes much further and continues to grow. All areas you want to pursue have specialties in FASHION such as marketing services, consulting, journalism, advertising, among others. I've been studying a lot and seeking knowledge, and I'm happy to know that I'm following a path I imagine I'll pursue for a long time.

Ilana Motta


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