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Isis Valverde is the face of the Vivara YOU campaign - the new venture of the largest jewelry brand

The brand expands its portfolio with a cool collection of customizable jewelry

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On August 17th, Vivara, the largest jewelry chain in Latin America, launched the new Vivara YOU line. Vibrant, contemporary, and cool, these jewelry pieces have been added to the brand's portfolio to capture the hearts of the younger audience who are enthusiasts of customization and seek a unique style that reflects their identity.

Throughout its 60 years, the jewelry brand has immortalized numerous moments, and with Vivara YOU, it's embarking on a new market movement by getting closer to a younger audience through colorful, stylish, and minimalist jewelry that offers endless possibilities for combinations.

Rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants in gold, featuring details in London Topaz, Nephrite, Emerald, Clear Topaz, and Black Diamond, are now available to consumers through the Vivara YOU line.

"Since its inception, the collection has DNA that embraces versatility in exploring limitless compositions. We want to engage with those who dare to create their own style. Cool accessories that allow for authentic combinations are a growing demand in the market, and it's important for Vivara to be present in all moments of our consumers' lives," says Marina Cirelli, Director of Marketing and Sustainability at Vivara.

Invited to star in the campaign, Isis Valverde shares her perception of the new collection:

"Jewelry helps me tell my stories, convey memories from generation to generation. It has always been like this for me. The new Vivara YOU line carries this characteristic in its DNA. You can customize the jewelry for yourself or as a gift, marking a special moment and making it unforgettable! The pieces are beautiful, versatile, and offer many possibilities. I was thrilled with the invitation and to share this new narrative with Vivara," said Isis Valverde.

The Vivara YOU jewelry collection is now available in over 300 brand stores and on its e-commerce platform.


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