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Jacquemus and Kendall Jenner Redefine Christmas with Provocative Campaign

Photos disclosure @jacquemus

In a bold and striking fashion revelation, the renowned fashion brand @jacquemus and international supermodel @kendalljenner are redefining the holiday spirit with a Christmas campaign that is sexier than any we've seen before.

By unveiling Kendall Jenner as the star of their Christmas campaign for this year's holiday season, @jacquemus has sent a clear message: Christmas can also be sexy. The "GUIRLANDE" collection features the iconic colors of the season, including red, green, silver, and gold, but there's something else that has caused a frenzy on social media.

The image that's been making waves in the campaign features Kendall Jenner in a daring pose, with half of her derrière exposed and various sparkling string lights adorning her skin. This image not only grabs your attention but also redefines the concept of Christmas, proving that the holiday season can be provocative, bold, and, of course, elegant.

Kendall Jenner is known for her striking beauty and style, and her choice as the face of the campaign couldn't be more fitting. Her magnetic presence in the photo not only showcases her commitment to fashion and personal expression but also opens new doors for the industry, challenging the conventions of the holiday season.

In addition to the provocative photography, the "GUIRLANDE" collection promises to offer clothing and accessories that fit the festive atmosphere. With vibrant shades of red, green, silver, and gold, this collection will help you add a touch of glamour to your holiday wardrobe.

With the combination of Kendall Jenner as the muse and the boldness of @jacquemus, this holiday season is destined to be unforgettable. This Christmas, get ready for an unprecedented touch of sensuality and style.


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