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Jaquelline: From 'The Farm' to Fashion Icon in Hooks Magazine International


Photos: @andersonmmacedo_ | @demmacedo

Make: @fernando.grohalski / Hair: @alinecristinahairstylist / Styling: @igorgarrcia | @bymelzani / Body: @handlacebr / Earring: @rincawesky / Hat: @soleluachapeus

Design Cover: @mathlopes

Hooks Magazine International is honored to present Jaquelline, the sensation who captured Brazil as the winner of the reality show "The Farm," as the face of the "Celebrity of the Year 2023" edition. The newly crowned millionaire shares with us her journey since the victory and reveals exclusive details in a revealing interview.

In response to her experience on "The Farm," Jaquelline expresses an avalanche of professional opportunities and invitations for future projects that have arisen. Her meteoric rise in the media puts her in the spotlight, and she is ready to explore new horizons.

The interview reveals Jaquellines ability to balance her professional and personal life, highlighting her dedication to family, especially her daughter Isabella. Her adaptation to online work allows her to reconcile motherhood with professional commitments, showcasing the versatility of a true multitasking professional.

Check out the exclusive interview with Jaquelline:

1. Jaquelline, congratulations on your victory in the "The Farm" program! How has this experience influenced your life and career since then?

It's all very new to me, lots of job opportunities and invitations for future projects, which is great.

 2. With so many remarkable experiences in your career, how do you balance your professional and personal life, especially being a mother to Isabella?

I try to dedicate myself to both as much as possible, especially to my family and daughter. Since my work is primarily online, I often take photos and create content from home, which allows me to be with my little one.

Photos: @andersonmmacedo_ | @demmacedo / Make: @fernando.grohalski / Hair: @alinecristinahairstylist / Styling: @igorgarrcia | @bymelzani / Jacket: @amarantedobrasil / Earring: @lazaradesign

 3. Jaquelline, how was the transition from a beauty pageant career to other paths after your retirement at the age of 19?

I've always enjoyed beauty pageants since my school days. They are different jobs, but I have to have a lot of determination to work in both.

 4. Can you share with us how motherhood has influenced your professional and personal choices, especially after the birth of Isabella in 2013?

I changed my routine a lot, including attending college in my hometown so that I wouldn't have to study elsewhere and could always be close to her. My daughter teaches me every day; she is my joy.

 5. The invitation to be the cover of the "Celebrity of the Year" edition of Hooks Magazine is a significant achievement. How do you feel about this international recognition?

I feel very happy; fashion has always been present in my life. Being able to do this photoshoot showcasing my work and the professionals who are by my side makes me very fulfilled, and I don't want to stop there.

 6. What are your plans and aspirations for the future, considering this new phase in your career and the experiences you have accumulated over the years?

I want to study more to learn about fashion and strive to enhance my content every day.


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