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Julia Moraes: "The new trajectory is in Brazil"

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Julia Rodrigues Moraes is an empowered, resilient, charismatic, and courageous model, a woman with a lot of attitude, authenticity, and determination. The Brazilian has lived in Mexico and Turkey and is now back in Brazil in search of new experiences and accomplishments, aware that her achievements so far are the result of a lot of hard work. With a successful career, she has an optimistic outlook on the unknown future and is not afraid of challenges.

In her profession, Julia fully commits herself to achieving the best results, believing that success is the result of preparation meeting opportunity. Since childhood, this young woman has exuded courage, and we are happy to be able to share a little more about her with our readers.

Check out the interview:

  1. Julia, did you always aspire to a modeling career? How did your interest in this universe begin?

"The love for fashion runs in the family. My mother, when she was a teenager, used to organize fashion shows, and I believe that's where the love for the career came from! When I was only 4 years old, I participated in a contest called 'The most beautiful face of the state of São Paulo' and I placed first, and had articles in newspapers and even after a few years, I gained notoriety, and that's where everything began. My childhood games always involved the runway, changing clothes, posing, among other activities that I saw models doing. On TV, I always looked for channels with well-dressed, imposing women. Today, I see that since I was young, I already identified with the fashion universe."

2. How would you describe yourself in a few words?

"I like to use three characteristics to define my personality, I am persistent, dreamy, and courageous! I believe that those who want something go after their goals, and when you dream, everything becomes more magical and exciting. Even in the face of obstacles in my journey, I have always sought to be a better person every day and have always based my actions according to my purpose."

3. Currently, you are living in São Paulo, right? What motivated you to spend some time in SP? What are your expectations?

"After three years of working outside of Brazil, for the first time, I am opening up the market here. I confess that I never imagined living in São Paulo, but I met someone who made me want to stay, and I confess that my expectations are high, I am very excited and confident. In the city that is the heart of Brazil, I realized that there are many opportunities, and I will not lack the willpower to pursue them."

4. It is clear that you are a very dedicated woman in everything you set out to do. What motivates you to fight for your goals?

"I have always been aware that if I want something, I have to take action, just having the initiative to imagine it is not enough. I know that I have to make an effort to achieve what I want. I have always dreamed of everything I live today and to think that I came from such a small city in the interior of São Paulo (Ribeirão Branco) and went to work with big companies is what motivates me to be grateful and work happily every day. I realize that I have made my adversities my trigger to act more and more, and today I feel very fulfilled and happy."

5. What were the most significant events in your life? Could you tell us about some of them?

"As my routine is very busy, I have experienced situations ranging from episodes of fear, such as experiencing 3 earthquakes, a terrorist attack, to funny episodes involving even luggage at the airport, broken heels, and many other unbelievable situations. My material achievements are also very important to me."

6. Julia, throughout your journey, was there any moment when you considered giving up?

"I must confess that I did think about giving up. I used to live in a small town, so the modeling agencies were about a 5-hour trip from my house, and I couldn't attend castings, which made the work quite difficult for me. Sometimes, I even felt incapable. That's when I decided to ask my parents for emancipation and go after my goals. With emancipation, I gained more autonomy and put my courage into practice, and since then, I haven't stopped."

7. What advice would you give to someone who dreams of starting in this career?

"Don't give up! Go after your dreams! Being a model is also a profession that requires investments, care, and a lot of study, so dedication is crucial! Be confident and do everything with love and you will succeed!"

8. As a model, you have traveled to various countries. Your Instagram has beautiful photos of several places around the world. Did the trips you have taken contribute to your life in any way? How?

"Traveling is maturing, it's living unforgettable experiences! I met many special people who, even if I don't see them in my daily life, I will always have affection and admiration for them! On trips, I got to know new cultures, learned new languages, tried different cuisines, and saw up close what I read in books, and that is amazing. I have already visited incredible places and intend to visit even more."

9. Do you have any plans/projects/ambitions that you could share with us?

"I confess that I have many plans and goals to be achieved, both professionally and personally, but I prefer to let things happen. However, I don't just sit around, I am always taking action. I entrust all my plans into God's hands because I know He will do the best."

10. Last question, but not least: if you could display a message on a billboard, what would it be?

"The one who takes action has power, but the one who takes right action has even more power." I really like the message in this phrase.


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