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Mariah Fernandez: An International Journey in the Rhythms of Fashion and Music


Production: @milenavitoriaff

Design Director: @mathlopes

In the bustling intersection of fashion and music, Mariah Fernandez emerges as the face of our "FRANCE" edition in the November issue of Hooks Magazine International. Hailing from Minas Gerais, Brazil, her journey weaves from a tranquil town to the vibrant hubs of São Paulo and Paris, crafting a narrative rich in resilience and cultural influences.

Raised in a modest family, Mariah overcame obstacles to exchange the quiet life of Minas for the bustling streets of Paris at the age of 19. Initially drawn to a career in hairstyling, she stumbled upon the world of fashion, embarking on a successful trajectory across the fashion capitals. Her cultural identity shapes her work, standing out on every runway and DJ studio.

Beyond modeling, Mariah ventures into music, aspiring to become a specialized DJ in techno house. Rooted in her passion for electronic music, this foray positions her at the heart of a vibrant and promising scene.

Her journey in fashion and music converges in a quest for genuine expression, establishing her as an icon in gay nightlife. Balancing her international presence between São Paulo and Paris, Mariah envisions a future marked by continual refinement and valuable connections. This duality of fashion and music serves as the stage where she continues to harmonize her path to success.

We conducted an interview with Mariah, which you can read below:

1. How was the transition from a small town in the interior of Minas Gerais to the bustling cities of São Paulo and Paris, considering your modeling career?

My childhood was a phase filled with challenges; hailing from a family with modest financial conditions, I faced obstacles to complete my studies. However, the desire to grow and evolve has always been a driving force in my life. At the age of 19, the opportunity arose to leave the interior of Minas and embark for Paris. Initially focused on a hairstyling career, I worked for a few months in the city. It was in this context that I encountered the fascinating universe of fashion, a discovery that not only enchanted me but also became the stage where I remain to this day.

2. Can you share a bit about your journey in the world of fashion and how your cultural identity influences your work?

My journey is truly intense, a constant alternation between the cities of Paris, Milan, and New York every week. This bustling dynamic reflects directly in my work, and it's fascinating to perceive how my cultural identity exerts a significant influence, providing the opportunity to stand out in each experience.

3. Besides being a successful model, we know you're dedicated to becoming a specialized DJ in techno house rhythms. What inspired you to take this path?

The inspiration to become a DJ has deep roots in my passion for electronic music and the festive atmosphere. The interaction with many famous friends in the field certainly contributed to solidifying this decision, making it an exciting journey full of possibilities.

4. How do you balance the hectic life between modeling and the DJ decks? Is there any connection between your career as a model and your aspirations in music?

The connection between electronic beats on the runways and my sense of empowerment is indescribable. This unique atmosphere serves as a constant source of inspiration, propelling my work and my quest for authentic expression.

5. How does it feel to be a notable presence in gay clubs, and how does it impact your approach as a DJ?

My dedication to becoming an iconic DJ is focused on gaining recognition in the best gay clubs. I genuinely believe that these venues offer the ideal setting for authentic fun and celebrating the rich diversity that surrounds us. At this moment, I'm immersed in the necessary studies to achieve this ambitious goal.

6. What are your future plans, both in fashion and music, considering your duality between São Paulo and Paris?

Looking ahead, I envision a path of continuous improvement through studies, actively involved in creating valuable connections. These connections are crucial to opening doors and providing opportunities that drive my daily growth, allowing for consistent and meaningful evolution in both fashion and music.


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